2008 Summer Camp Fruitage

Our daughter loved her counselor and cabin mates. Meals were good, really something to look forward to.
– a Kohahna mom

I can only say we feel such gratitude for the strong values and safe environment encircled in God’s great love expressed through an idea such as camp.
– from the mom of a camper & counselor

Our son loves the lasting friends he made at camp. It was a 7 week slice of heaven…and opportunity to practice Christian Science.
– Leelanau dad

We were so pleased that our girls got to experience Kohahna again this year. We have seen such a positive change and sense of confidence in all of them. They always come away with so much. We are still hearing stories! Thank you.
– from the mom of 3 Kohahna campers

As a parent I value most the unconditional love and support all the Leelanau men have for one another. I really appreciate the lessons on how to be a loving, responsible, respectful man.
– a Leelanau mom

We are so grateful for the treasured experiences camp provides. The most wonderful aspect, for us as parents, is to see her growing reliance on Christian Science. Camp so lovingly nurtures this growth and teaches daily application of the Truth. This has strengthened (our daughter) and our family. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
– Kohahna parents

Leelanau and Kohahna provide a fun, safe, refuge for children to experience God’s allness and yet they can still build their spiritual armor to handles the challenges that may come their way in a confident manner.
– written by parents of Kohahna & Leelanau campers

I learned a lot more about Christian Science, which is really one of the best things about being at camp. I was able to help my cabin mates whenever they were not feeling well and that made both of us feel better.
– a Leelanau camper

My favorite thing at camp that keeps me coming back each summer is the love. Every counselor is a big sister, and the other girls in the same cabin as you become your best friends.
– a Kohahna camper

Camp, specifically Leelanau, has become a very important part of our year. The boys love their camp brothers and look forward to seeing them each year. I love knowing they have such a strong pure male Christian Science influence in their lives.
– a Leelanau parent

I have had the most amazing summer of my life this year. I made so many friends that are like my sisters around the US now.
– a Kohahna camper

Each summer (our children) come home more confident in their practice of Christian Science, and more willing and eager to share it with others. The lessons they learn at camp impress them, and stay with them throughout the year. We also appreciate the counseling staff at Leelanau. Our boys respect, admire and want to emulate. These young men have a remarkable influence on our children. We are so grateful for their efforts to model practical, applicable, effective Christian Science in all they do.
– from parents of Leelanau campers

Nowhere else have I met more caring and supportive people than at camp. The friends I have made at camp will be lifelong friends. The spiritual lessons that I have learned help me in my daily life at home, and for that I am extraordinarily grateful.
– a Leelanau camper

As the summer season comes to a close the thoughts and blessings of camp continue to come to the forefront. My daughter began her school year with additional confidence and strength in her understanding of her connection/ relationship to God which she gained at camp. The blessings of those four weeks continue all through the years!
– parent of a Kohahna camper

Camp this year was filled with fun, adventure, and growth. I was provided with many opportunities to push myself, and I took full advantage of every one. I shared laughs and memories with old friends and made new ones. The people at camp make it a unique experience.
– Leelanau camper

The boys love camp. They love making new friends, learning new skills, participating in new activities, and living in beautiful northern Michigan for four weeks each summer. We particularly appreciate the opportunity for them to do all those things under the guidance of strong, clear metaphysicians whose goal it is to help our children grow in their understanding and practice of Christian Science. And they do grow!
– Leelanau camper parents

I have learned so many life lessons and made so many amazing friends. My seven weeks at camp this year were incredible and life changing and I got the opportunity to do so many cool and unique things – like hiking in Canada, going on the challenge and building council fire. I did not want to go home at the end of the seven weeks!
– Kohahna camper

For my kids, camp is the time they get to spend with other Christian Scientists their age. They return with great enthusiasm for God, Christian Science, and love for all, not to mention great stories and life long friends. They gain an understanding of spirituality, as well as realizing prayer works in the everyday hurdles, not just the big stuff.
– camper parent

The values and ideas that are instilled while at camp will be with my children their entire lives. – a Kohahna mom

We value the strong atmosphere of Christly love that permeates camp, the strong sense of family and the sheer joy of the place. – from another Kohahna mom

“My husband and I were very impressed with the caliber for counselors you employ. These fine young men and women show such warmth, care, thoughtfulness and genuine pleasure at having our children at camp.” –Leelanau Parent

We are deeply grateful for these exceptional camps. Our children always come back better and recharged. We could never put a price on it.”
– Camper Parents

“We love camp! Our daughter’s leadership skills were visibly strengthened this summer. She also made great strides in handling disappointment with grace and increasing her willingness to share metaphysical ideas.”
– Kohahna Parent

“My son told me he learned the value of staying calm this summer. He was in a sailboat when the winds picked up. He was tempted to be afraid but together with his counselor they brought the boat safely ashore.”
– Leelanau Parent

“I overheard my daughter tell her father, ‘Camp is like having a bunch of sisters.’ She enjoyed the overall experience of finding a different sense of family and home.”
– First-year Kohahna Parent

“I love seeing the change in our daughter from when we drop her off to when we pick her up. She comes back to us with a renewed sense of who she is, who we are to her, her relationship with others and God.”
– Kohahna Parent