Accommodations available at camp

Hey, it’s only 3 nights, you’ll want to make the most of it!   Many are looking forward to sleeping in a cabin so they can, once again, hear Lake Michigan talking to them.   The breezes that time of the year are usually still pretty warm and wonderful.  Most of the time September is a beautiful month to be at camp, and we’ll expect this is one of those times!  

For those of you wondering about the cabins in Kohahna, they are basically like the ones we all stayed in as campers, they have screens, not windows.  You might be able to tell in the picture below, the roofs have been raised which is helpful. The picture with the cabins and alumnae was taken last summer, the last day of camp when we served campers breakfast in bed.  (All alumnae are welcome to join us each summer!)  

                           Cabins on the hill

                           Inside the bathhouse                      

Walking to the bathhouse is a short distance, it’s to the right of the last cabin (shown above) and the bathhouses are in great shape.  This is the inside of the Ritz.  

You also have the option of staying in Orion, which is very close to the Great House, on the east side.  We wanted to give you a general idea of what Orion looks like, but don’t be alarmed, we promise there will not be snow for the reunion!  (This building is used for kitchen workers in the summer and it houses the children who come for the LOC  program in the winter.  Hence, the need for a winter picture.)


                         Inside Orion

The picture above shows the sleeping quarter in Orion.  There are four pods of about 12 beds and each pod has a large bathroom adjoining it.  Orion works out very well for Harvest Weekend when many women stay in the pods.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll do what we can to make it possible for you to be at the reunion.