After Camp Camper Articles – 2012

From a Kohahna Camper

Security is a very powerful word. One may feel so safe with trust in a close friend or relative, or know that no one could enter a home because their doors and windows are closed and locked. Fortunately, there is an even deeper meaning to being safe and secure….in Soul.

Because Soul is a synonym for our Farther-Mother God, its divine authority can never fail any one of us. Although friendships and security systems are wonderful human steps to take, we cannot rely on them to keep us safe from sin, disease, and death, for those steps are not always consistently ready to defend your consciousness from error. Well, who couldn’t be grateful for our everlasting stability in Soul’s realm of good now?!

Along with this new realization of our limitless capabilities (K-pabilities) in God’s works, it takes a great sense of discernment to truly live in the light of our newfound security. Throughout the discernment process, it is important to not get bogged down and overwhelmed by too many details, but it approach each situation with a strong desire to understand the Truth and weed through the good and bad thoughts that tempt your consciousness toward truth or falsity.  As Mrs. Eddy writes in Unity of Good, “Everything is as real as (We) make it, and no more so (Unity of Good pg.8) Meaning, in our business of learning how to more deeply perceive God’s reasoning, we must come to an understanding that we have the choice to decided that whatever enters into consciousness can be reasoned through carefully without making hasty decisions. That gives us the power to keep our thought so full of good instead of being submerged in the bad. That is the discernment process which forever brings healing.

A couple years ago I had an experience of getting to know what discernment is all about. In eighth grade I struggled with a foot injury that kept me from doing many activities. Throughout the month-and-a-half period of hobbling around, then crutches, and finally being placed in a walking boot, it was tempting to get discouraged and bitter and my foot grew steadily worse. Every year my school does a music contest for singers and musicians with participation from multiple schools. I play flute and I had prepared a solo, along with my friend. While getting mentally ready for my performance, I received an Angel Message telling me that I should go support my friend. Naturally, I was happy to go listen to the good that she was about to share. In the middle of performance, her grandmother became very hot and appeared to fall unconscious. I was led to take my friend to a quiet area and talk the Truth with her. I go to Principia and my friend is a Christian Scientist.

We talked about how she was a little lamb and God her Shepard. He could never love her more that he was living her right then and there. You all know that throughout the summer we have been learning about the different steps we take to be secure in Soul. These steps are courage, compassion, obedience, discernment and identity. Well, this girl and I did exactly that! We used our obedience too good to stand strong and courageously with the Truth, never faltering from using God’s infinite resources to help us achieve peace. It took a lot of courage to bring her aside and tell her the good thoughts that I was knowing for the situation. That’s not always the easiest thing to do. I was also being compassionate by having the desire to take care of one of God’s perfect, upright; representatives of good which helped both of us realized our identity and find peace in the situation.

After all that discerning, thought filtering process, we had a deeper, more stable understanding of our security in Soul. Pretty soon we were able to continue on with our activities and when I got home from the contest, I realized that my foot was completely free from the pain and swelling. I learned that my identity is whole and complete. And I could only do that by sifting through the thoughts that were true and untrue. For that experience, I am eternally grateful and from I gained a much stronger view of my security in God’s goodness.  In an article titled “What you think counts” by Milton Simon he writes, “realizing that man’s possibilities for good and limitless, you will work more freely and more joyously.”

We can always find stability, and comfort even by following those fine steps; obedience, courage, compassion, discernment, and identity and we can also know that God’s power is consistently unlimited, bringing protection in any situation. I support each and every one of you as you journey to find your security in Soul.

Kenny, 16

Cabin – Cherokee

I personally did not grow up as a Christian Scientist; however I found that taking my mind off of the pain and thinking about good thoughts helped me push through the pain. I am still working through this, and God is helping it go away, all I have to do is be patient and trust that God will heal me so I can better enjoy camp. Due to this experience at camp I now have a stronger mental will to push myself beyond my limits and to overcome personal fears. I am therefore grateful for this idea to overcome mental barriers by means of strong mental will, and trust in God. I think that my best camp experience so far was tubing, partnered with Gavin, and Ben driving the boat. Gavin and I stayed on for a good amount of time, when suddenly a huge wave hit the tube launching the tube at least twelve feet in the air making for a good amount of airtime into an awesome splash into the lake.