Alumni and Camper Parent Dinner

The last Saturday night of camp, while the girls’ camp is having their banquet and the boys’ camp is having their cookout, alumni and camper parents along with their families (kids that aren’t at camp) gather in the Leelanau Lodge for dinner and camaraderie.   It’s a great spot to see friends and meet parents who understand the importance of camp enough to send their children to camp even though they never went themselves.   This summer it happened to coincide with the raising of the totem pole which was fun for everyone to watch.  

There are always alums that show up and surprise us!  Nancy Schmidt Kyme came this year and presented Board Member, Susan Latham Timoner with a check for camp.  From Nancy, “We did a little ceremony at the Camp Alumni dinner so I could give my winnings from the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award to Susan Timoner.”  Book Luvin’ Babes named Nancy the Inspirational Book winner of the 2012 Next Generation Book Awards for  Memory Lake, the forever friendships of summer, Vantage Press.  Nancy’s book is about her summers (’74-’76) at Camp Leelanau for Girls.

We have this dinner every year, we hope you will attend if you are in the area.