Who are Alums?

Alums are considered to be participants involved in the summer programs at Camp Leelanau & Kohahna — former campers (over 18), counselor staff (current or past), Family Campers (over 18), and support staff (including parents who have supported cleaning, kitchen, maintenance, laundry, or office during the summer programming).

Centennial Celebrations

The next jubilant celebration will be over the long 2023 Labor Day weekend honoring Camp Kohahna & Leelanau for Girls.  With a progressive “join when you can” start, the “Weekend” begins on Tuesday and will keep building, as Alum gathers, towards a grand celebration on Sunday evening.  No doubt it’ll be fun, adventurous, and certainly revitalizing as alum pay tribute to 100 extraordinary years of camping.  Enroll today by filling out an application:

Please put it on your calendar (Google Invite, Outlook or iCalendar Invite), and share it with your camp friends, so you are all committed to returning together!  Start now being in touch with all your camp friends and be sure they know about it and get their questions answered.

Our camps’ history is rich in tradition – inspiring Council Fires, team competitions, and incredible trips, to name a few – as well as uplifting thought and sincere gratitude.  Let us come together; all alums are welcome and encouraged to come and enjoy the camaraderie and acceptance we valued as campers, counselors, and summer program support.  This is an opportunity to come together, have some fun reminiscing, and experience the freedom of being kids again.

Camp Leelanau for Boys had a wonderful week of festivities in 2021, and you can find the photos of the event here:

Reunion – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will I be staying during the reunion?  We have several options for lodging here at camp – cabins, heated bunkhouses, and more. Please let us know if you have a personal need, and we will seek to accommodate you. There are accommodations available offsite if that is your preference – bear in mind that this is taking place over Labor Day weekend, and this is a bustling vacation area. Things do tend to fill up early and quickly.

  • How much does the reunion weekend cost?  The general breakdown is $100/day of participation; if anyone plans only to attend partial days, we will work with them on the appropriate cost.  Camperships are available – Getting participants in Adult Programs is a priority, and finances should never be a reason for not participating. The Campership Fund for Christian Scientists at is available for this event. If they cannot fully cover the need in your case, please apply to the Camps Leelanau & Kohahna Campership Program (Campership Application); we will work to fulfill any further requirements.
  • Who can attend the Centennial Celebration?  This weekend is for anyone who has participated in the summer programming for Camp Kohahna & Camp Leelanau for Girls — former campers (over 18), counselor staff (current or past), Family Campers (over 18), and support staff (including parents who have supported cleaning, kitchen, maintenance, laundry, or office during the summer programming).

  • I am no longer a Christian Scientist; is it still okay for me to attend the reunion?  This is a celebration of Camp! There is no requirement to be a Christian Scientist or engage in any religious activities available during the reunion.

Upcoming Events

  • 2023 KOHAHNA & LEELANAU FOR GIRLS Centennial Celebration

  • Reunions.  While there are Centennial Celebration for both Camps, we would be happy to help you coordinate reunions for your CT class or camp friends!
  • Council Fire.  Remember for summer fun –  Alumni are welcome at Council Fire each Sunday during the summer. Please contact Weldon or Pippi ahead of time to let him know you will be coming. Arrive at about 6:30, as the hike up starts at 6:45.

Stay Connected

Let’s stay connected and maintain relationships to help support connections between Alumni all around the globe.

  • Please share your experience and photos with us!

  • Reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Host a gathering in your community!

  • Help find “lost” alums. Contact the office to see who we’re looking for and who we have found.

Let’s Reconnect