Alumni and Camper Parent Dinner

The last Saturday night of camp, while the girls’ camp is having their banquet and the boys’ camp is having their cookout, alumni and camper parents along with their families (kids that aren’t at camp) gather in the Leelanau Lodge for dinner and camaraderie. Alums of all decades join the fun at this dinner. There is plenty of time for retelling famous camp stories, and not so famous. Plus, it’s so good to hear some of the new stories from parents of present campers. It’s a great spot to see friends and meet the fantastic parents who understand the importance of camp enough to send their children to camp even though they never went themselves. We hope you will attend if you are in the area.

Alumni Pictures

Alumni Events houses recent alumni activities and Historical Alumni Photos houses some wonderful pictures of Leelanau and Kohahna from years past. You’ll also find the Generations Album. Camp Leelanau/Kohahna families who have had generations attend camp are invited to send in their camp family tree to be added to the album. To add your family pages please be in contact with Alix at [email protected] The album is available to view when you are at camp.

If you have any pictures from your years at Leelanau or Kohahna and would like to add them to this historical site please scan them and send them to Alix. Thanks for your help in recording the history of the Camps – a place where friendships are strong and alumni continue to use lessons learned while at camp.

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What can you do?

Have an alumni gathering in your area. And, if you do, please be sure to take a picture and send it in with a story. Every experience with camp friends is a special one!

Help find “lost” alums. Be in contact with Alix to see who we’re looking for and who we have found.

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