Being Alert

Ella C., age 9

Cabin: Stardust

One night when we were doing superlatives, a thought came to me.  That thought was that I was not feeling well.  After I went up to Eagle’s Nest, the first thing the practitioner said was “Where did that thought come from?”  My answer was “error”.  Then the practitioner said you don’t need to listen to error.  She said “Listen to God.”  In the morning everything was better.  The point of this healing is you need to be alert to bad thoughts and to all your surroundings.  If you’re walking on a trail and you’re just looking down and not paying attention to your surroundings, you could trip and fall on a root, but if you pay attention to your surroundings you will see all the beautiful surroundings and probably not trip.

If you’re being alert, good things will come.  For example, if you quickly glanced over the activities sheet and did not really look hard at the morning activities, you could have missed your favorite activity.  So you need to stay alert to what’s going on around you.

Be aware of everything, not just the big things, but little things.  For example, if it was Saturday clean up and an announcement came on saying “no beach, everyone go to the Great House”, and no one in your cabin was staying alert, you would not know where to go.  If you are playing capture the flag and you’re only looking at the flag and not watching to see if others are going to tag you, you will get tagged.  If you are really being alert, you will be aware of other people’s feelings too.  You can do this in your cabin and in your activities.  You should be alert to the little things, not only the big things, so you should be alert to everything, not only certain things.