Board Announcement of new Leelanau Director

At the conclusion of the Boys’ Banquet on August 8th, Clark Shutt announced that the Leelanau-Kohahna Board has appointed Glenn C Johnson as the Director of Camp Leelanau. Glenn has been close to the camping business for many years through his mother and family’s long association with Camps Newfound and Owatonna in Maine.

Glenn came to Michigan as the Water Skiing counselor for Family Camp in 2000 and he fell in love with the area around Leelanau County and with the spirit of Camps Leelanau and Kohahna. Early this spring he sold his business as a manufacturer’s rep for the automotive business, (mainly NASCAR) and was looking for a new experience. He agreed to serve as the boys’ water skiing counselor for the summer. The campers and staff received him warmly and the Board approached him about assuming more responsibility at the camp.

He has been deeply impressed with the quality staff of young men, the excitement of the campers and the beauty of the area. Motivated by these feeling and his strong desire to serve the cause of Christian Science, he has accepted the position of Director. A huge roar filled the room following the announcement at the Banquet.

Our Board is delighted with Glenn’s decision and we extend a warm welcome to him as a more permanent member of the Leelanau Family.

Marilyn P. Rinker,