Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2010

What a great first week! The sound of the Monday morning bell sent suited campers young and old down to the lake for the first dip of the summer! From day one Kohahna ladies began to fall into the usual routine of camp. After Dips, we had a delicious pancake breakfast, followed by our daily half hour of Quiet Time to study the Bible Lesson. Then, all the campers and counselors participated in another first of the summer: Cabin Clean-Up! After bed-making, sweeping, and straightening, everyone was finally ready for the morning’s big Swim Test. We packed up the big blue bus and headed out to Bar Lake for some fun in the sun.

During the Swim Test, campers attempt to pass requirements that allow them to participate in various water sports. Campers float, tread, and swim for endurance with their cabinmates. When the test was over, the girls headed back to camp for beach orientation and lunch. After our daily rest hour, everyone had Cabin Time to make Cabin Contracts and personal goals. It was a fruitful afternoon filled with giggles and serious talks about personal growth. Then, more water fun! Everyone went down to our beautiful beach to enjoy the surf and sand. After dinner camp had its first Evening Activity. Each cabin performed a “Brown Bag Skit,” meaning each cabin performed a little skit that incorporated a list of items like “a nalgene water bottle” and “a stuffed animal.” We definitely saw how creative Kohahna ladies are as we watched and laughed along with each skit. It was a long and fulfilling day, so the kids were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

By Tuesday camp was going full swing. Campers set out for their morning activities ranging from making rings in Silversmithing to pond study in Nature class to Canoeing on Lake Michigan. In the afternoon campers signed up for various activities including hiking, waterskiing, biking, kite-flying, and horseback riding.

Tuesday night was very exciting! First-year campers found out their new team during a ceremony on the tennis courts followed by a rousing game of Bombardment (Kohahna’s version of dodgeball)! We welcomed our new Sands and Pines eagerly, and each team played well and had a blast! In the last game of the night the Counselor “Sky” Team took on the whole camp! After the activity teams got together to vote for new Waukeena and Wildwood team captains. The girls went to bed with team spirit on their minds.

Wednesday was our first Cabin Day! Cabins split up all over the Maple City area enjoying fun activities. Most of the Waukeena section spent the day seeing the sites in Glen Arbor, while Shorewood had a relaxing day in Leland, and Windward went Empire-ward. The CTs enjoyed a huge “dip-a-thon” trying to jump in as many lakes as possible in one afternoon!

Wednesday night was our first church service. One of our CTs prepared delightful readings on the Christly bonds of friendship. It is so beautiful to hear campers’ and counselors’ testimonies from the past year. There has obviously been much growth over the school year! Some girls even gave testimonies about healings that had already happened at camp! Leelanau came down from their service and joined us for a hymn sing. The Great Room was absolutely filled with the beautiful harmony of young Christian Scientists. At the end of the night, we circled up, sang “Shepherd Show Me” to the tune of “Edelweiss,” the Doxology, and Taps as is tradition.

Thursday was another great day of activities, and at night we had a special treat! The whole camp played lawn games and Kick the Can in the Pine Forest, and the high school girls had the opportunity to hear the camp practitioner give a Christian Science lecture in Glen Arbor. Friday all the cabins cozied up to play The Newlywed Game to test how well girls have gotten to know their cabinmates within the first week of camp!

Saturday began as usual, but instead of morning activities, all of camp was abuzz with Saturday Clean-Up. Our big winner of Saturday inspection was Windward!  However, Honor Cabin for the first week of camp went to Gull’s Nest in the Waukeena section and Birchview in the Wildwood section! Saturday afternoon all of camp went ice skating in Traverse City! It was so much fun for every age, and a great opportunity for the different sections to blend in one activity. The Wildwoods helped Waukeenas get comfortable on skates, and the Waukeenas inspired many of the Wildwood girls to express unconditional youthful joy.

We were all pretty tuckered out from our busy day, so we had a rest hour and a relaxing beach period before dinner. At night a group of campers went to local a capella concert near camp while the rest of the campers split into Pines and Sands to participate in a counselor hunt. What a busy week! Our Sunday sleep-in was much appreciated.

Campers had Sunday School, book-marking time, and lunch before finding out that their afternoon would be spent participating in a camp-style version of the World Cup with Leelanau! Groups of boys and girls representing various countries of the world spent all afternoon playing silly versions of soccer and participating in other challenges. We all dipped and headed to Cook-Out ready for Council Fire.

This week’s quality feeding into the summer theme of The Real Me was Creativity. At Council Fire, a few counselors told stories involving creativity. One noted that creativity is found in nature using the raccoon and its craftiness as an example. Another counselor noted that creativity involves remembering that we always have the choice to see new perspectives. To flex our creative muscles, the team challenge was an impromptu dance competition between Pines and Sands. In the end, we wanted the campers to remember that while creativity is sometimes only thought of as zany and spunky, the greatest creative achievements come from having many perspectives and the mindset to make improvements on something old. We challenged the girls to consider these questions: “Am I listening to others? Am I learning all I can? Am I viewing my situations from many perspectives?” Only when the answers are all yes are we truly giving ourselves the most opportunity to be creative. We look forward to seeing creativity in camp this week!