Bugle Call – Opening Day – 2010

The counseling staff has been very busy in the past weeks planning, meeting, cleaning, and setting up. But, finally, Pre-Camp has come to an end—the campers are here!

We couldn’t have asked for a better Opening Day. The sun came up into a brilliant blue sky as the families came rolling in. Campers old and new leapt from backseats to greet their counselors and cabinmates, while alumni reconnected and joyfully recalled their camp days. Girls set up their corners and enjoyed the delicious annual buffet lunch provided by our kitchen. Since the weather was so grand, almost every cabin spent the afternoon at our beach catching up on the sand or playing games in the lake.

For dinner we had Cook-Out with our Leelanau brothers for the first time ever at the brand new Leelanau Lodge. The change of scenery was a fresh way to start the summer for our veteran campers. We all enjoyed our barbeque dinner on picnic tables adjacent to the soccer field, so when dinner was over, there was plenty of space for Elbow Tag and Frisbee.

The first evening of camp is always spent at Council Fire. As usual, we asked the girls to silently reflect on the past year while making their first Sunday walk up the forest trails. At Council Fire we asked everyone to introduce herself to the circle, and we had every cabin make up a cabin cheer. The cheers were hilarious, ranging from Driftwood’s rap to Breezeway’s interpretative dance. Counselors introduced themselves with skits about their activities, and all of camp sang the classic Council Fire songs “All the Greenwooded Trees” and “I Know a Place.” At the end of the evening we announced this year’s summer theme: “The Real Me”. In addition to campers striving to express the seven K-Qualities, this summer we will be sharing lessons about qualities that make up the Kohahna woman’s inner self. This week’s quality was forgiveness. We heard a CT presentation and learned about the importance of self-forgiveness as well as how stifling it is for an individual to hold a grudge. Our director, Sue Pierce, shared remarks on forgiveness, and all of camp participated in an exercise thinking about who we need to forgive and who we need to ask forgiveness from in our lives.

We closed the night by singing the Kohahna Hymn and heading back down to camp. After tuck-ins the counselors sang the campers to sleep as a gorgeous pink sunset lit up the sky above Lake Michigan and the Manitous—a sign of the excellent summer to come.