Bugle Call – Opening Weekend – 2009

Just like every year, opening day was a joyful opportunity for campers to reunite with their friends, for families to eat together, and for Kohahna cabins to transform into cozy homes for the summer.  Thanks to the much-appreciated warm weather, opening day felt unquestionably like summertime! The bright sun set a very cheerful tone and a gorgeous setting for everyone’s arrival.  We loved opening our arms to welcome everyone back home to Kohahna!

On Sunday night we headed up the hill to our first Council Fire.  Everyone laughed at the counselors’ songs and skits introducing their activity areas. Then, the campers had their own opportunity to make up a cabin cheer or introduction.  Some examples include a telling of how the cabin of Driftwood got its name, a dance by Clifftop, and a cheer from our CTs. After the rousing and entertaining cabin skits and songs, we introduced the summer’s theme: Through the Looking Glass.  This theme has two fundamental parts: looking within to know one’s true identity and then reflecting out to serve others.  In popular youth culture, individuality often comes in the form of iPods and MySpace, which may tend to seclude us from each other. This summer we’re promoting our Council Fire theme as a vehicle for recognizing the importance of taking self-knowledge to the next step of outreach. The theme was inspired by Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount advice to let our light shine. We hope that every Kohahna girl leaves camp this summer knowing how to not only identify her inner light, but how to best display it for the benefit of others.

To illustrate this year’s theme, each week we’ll present one woman throughout history who has been “through the looking glass,” known her true self, and used her gifts to make a significant impact on the world.  Our first woman was Abigail Adams, who was significant because of her expression of graciousness while standing firmly on her values without seeking recognition.  We left Council Fire pondering the questions: When you look in the mirror, what is a unique quality that you see in yourself?  How can you reflect that out this week even if you don’t get recognition?

There is no doubt we are looking ahead at a fresh and exciting season on Pyramid Point. Before we know it, it will be closing day. It is comforting to know that even the very first day of camp continues long on after the girls go home. With cherished memories in their photo albums and lessons about expressing their unique good in their hearts, camp truly never ends.