Bugle Call – Residential Week 2 – 2020

It’s the SECOND SESSION! Woohoo! What a good week we have had–so full of growth, fun, activity, and joy!

Monday morning we started with the Swim Test which many campers passed! In the afternoon we began our Morning Activities to ensure we got a full week of opportunity to work on activity skills and levels. Each cabin also created group goals and contracts to focus on for the summer, a Kohahna day-one staple. Finally, for Evening Activity we did a Kohahna favorite game: Bombardment! The Sands took the win for the Waukeenas, and the Pines won the single extensive game the Wildwoods played. Overall, it was a successful first day of Camp full of Kohahna classics!

Tuesday followed Monday, as it usually does, with more fun activities and some super stellar Afternoon Activities. These included a rousing game of Balderdash, some jazzercising, a bit of golf, a bike ride or two to the 360 lookout down Port Oneida Road, and other games. Our Evening Activity was Water Polo, played in cabins by Pines and Sands or by our other two favorite teams, Peanut Butter and Jelly, depending on cabin numbers.

Wednesday proved to be a rainy Cabin Day for all! Morning Activities found creative ways to combat the rain, or just charged on through the drizzle. Cabin Day activities included a spa day with nail painting, some fort building, fuse bead making, music video making (looking at you Breezeway and Windward), making vegan chocolate chip cookies (can I have some @Trail’sEnd?), making brownies for a counselor’s birthday, and writing and performing a play for the rest of Camp!

By Thursday everyone was into the groove of Camp: Morning Activities were in full swing, our first Cabin Day was under our belts, and the campers were feeling settled in their cabins. The counselors were especially creative with their Afternoon Activities this week, some of which included frolicking in the meadow, hiking to Pyramid Point, making postcards, playing obstacle course games, and doing a speed and agility workout. We enjoyed Pizza and Milkshakes for a surprise dinner on Thursday, and ended up playing a popular Pines vs. Sands game, Superlatives. There were some funny counselor impressions, weird talents, and intriguing facts the campers shared, ending with the Pines taking the win 24-14!

Finally, Friday rolled around with a Leelanau, no wait, Kohahna classic: Friday Night Soccer! The Wildwoods took on a zoned version of a soccer game and had an absolute blast with it! There were some goals, so much support for everyone, and lots of fun to be had. Ultimately, the Sands cinched the win 6-4. The Waukeenas enthusiastically participated in a socially distanced game of Big Base, where no one scored, but everyone ran their hearts out around those bases.

But wait, who can forget the first Saturday of Camp?! Kohahna had its first Saturday Clean Up OF THE SUMMER (wow, can you even believe?!) where the majority of the cabins passed, receiving a score below a six. In the afternoon, the campers separated into their teams to prepare shows to perform for the rest of Camp on Sunday afternoon. The Sands portrayed a story about the characters from the show H2O, a show about mermaids, working to earn their Waterfront Awards; and the Pines portrayed a story about Disney characters helping current Kohahna campers demonstrate the seven K-Qualities. After show prep on Saturday afternoon, the girls prepared for an all-time favorite evening activity: LIP SYNC! Everyone crushed it with their lip sync routines, and so much fun was had preparing and performing them!

Finally, we had THREE whole trips go out this week, all overnights, and enjoyed by all ages. The Little Dipper, Stardust, and Gull’s Nest cabins (grades 1-4) went on an Overnight to Council Fire hill on Monday night. The Windward girls (7th graders) went on an overnight at the camp’s back property after hiking through the Sand Bowl on Thursday. The Falling Star girls (5th graders) got to participate in a Nature overnight led by a Breezeway camper who is working on her Nature levels on Friday! All kids found joy in the making of s’mores, sleeping in tents, and the wonder of the outdoors.

Week one (or week four for those who have been here all summer thus far) has certainly been full. We are grateful that we were able to ease into second session with Day Camp and a small first week of Residential Camp before welcoming 70+ campers to Kohahna, because we were eager and equipped for the session to begin. With week four (week one of session two) under our belts, we are excited to see what next week will bring!