Bugle Call – Residential Week 3 – 2020

Hello! Your friendly North Starians here with another report on Camp Kohahna for Girls! Week 5 has been a BLASTOFF. We have had growth, fun, and achievement for everyone.

Monday started off as per usual with Dipping and new Morning Activities. Two trips also left early that morning to explore what the Upper Peninsula had to offer, and then returned on Wednesday. We had some fun activities on camp, like a hike to Pyramid Point, arts and crafts, watercoloring, games in the Great House, mucking, and some Speed and Agility workouts. We had a Counselor Hunt for our Evening Activity, and don’t worry, all counselors were found, safe and sound.

With the two trips out on Tuesday, Camp was small, but we still had a blast. Planning ahead, the girls got to prepare for the Evening Activity, a Talent Show, in the afternoon. For those who didn’t sign up for the Talent Show, we led a car wash of the Camp vehicles, a hammock hangout, and a game of golf while speaking in various accents. The evening was a treat with the Talent Show, complete with a 20-minute short play from the cabin of Juniper, a personal anecdote acted out in monologue form, songs, and scenes from the Drama class. It was a show to remember!

Wednesday woke with anticipation for the large portion of the Wildwood section to return that afternoon from Big Island Lake Wilderness and the Manistique River. The rest of Camp had a fun Cabin Day where some cabins made cookies, some climbed the High Ropes Course, some played on the playground, and some went tubing. We also saw the return of Kohahna’s Next Top Model. We ended the evening with a lovely Wednesday Night Church on the deck, and a heavenly hymn-sing afterward to send us off to sleep.

We had a full Camp again come Thursday morning! Woo! Morning Activities, Quiet Time, Breakfast, and Lunch were full again. Come the afternoon, campers participated in activities like practicing Camp Crafts skills for the Challenge and making gifts of appreciation for the Support Staff. In addition, a Kayaking overnight went out in the afternoon; the group kayaked from our beach to the Bay Road takeout in Glen Arbor, followed by camping on the Back Property for the evening. Back at Camp, we played Dune Football at the Sandbowl past Pyramid Point. The campers were ecstatic! While the steep inclines on both teams’ sides made it challenging to run to the ball and jail, the girls still had a grand time playing one of their favorite Camp games.

The starting gun went off on Friday morning to signal the beginning of our 7th annual 5K and Fun Run! Many Kohahna campers ran in the race and some even got onto the podium. We finished our last day of Morning Activities for the week shortly after and rounded out the afternoon with some packing, cleaning, and beach time. The evening proved to be a wonderful night to celebrate Christmas Eve in July, where we made murals, created gratitude garlands, played Christmas themed musical chairs and charades, took silly cabin photos, and ran Santa’s obstacle course.

Saturday dawned bright and clear with a Final Banquet Breakfast, complete with a slideshow, perfect dipping and longevity awards, and recognition of activity levels. We said goodbye to those campers who left us and continued our afternoon with a day of Camp Service. Some cabins helpedt in the horse barn, some washed and swept the buses, and one helped out in the Trips Room. The older cabins helped beautify Kohahna by clearing gravel and re-mulching on the hill. We rejoiced in our afternoon of hard work by watching the critically-acclaimed movie High School Musical 2 and then headed off to get a good night’s sleep.

What a week! We are so excited to see what the final two weeks of Camp have in store for us. Next week, we look forward to either the Challenge or another fun week of activities. Tune in next time to hear all about it!

Love you, kisses,

North Star