Bugle Call – Residential Week 5 – 2020

Wowee Kazowee! Week seven flew by faster than a pigeon being chased by an eagle! Yet it was still chock-full of level passing, progress, and thrilling activities. We are so happy that this week ended on a high note, full of nothing but achievement and love.

We launched into the week with CT Day on Monday, where the Counselors in Training dipped their little piggies into what it’s like being a full-blown cabin counselor. This means they led Dips, Afternoon Activities, and Evening Activity. The afternoon consisted of yoga, a Kim Kardashian lower body workout, watercoloring at the Perch, and practicing Camp Crafts skills while building a giant bonfire. CT Day concluded with The Newlywed Game, a creative and fun test that quizzes campers on how well they know their cabinmates. Thank you, CTs, for leading a wonderful day!

Tuesday campers continued with the Morning Activities they got Monday morning, which led into activities like speed and agility, an advanced trail ride, and a High School Musical sing and danceathon during the afternoon. Our evening consisted of playing Human Stratego, a Capture the Flag-style game where campers have different ranks that define how they can move and who they can send to jail when they tag someone.

Wednesday was here before we knew it, which was fine because Wednesday was our final CABIN DAY! The counselors planned classic and creative activities to make the last Cabin Day a special one, such as tubing, going on a trail ride, ziplining, and tie-dying shirts while eating homemade guacamole. We concluded the evening with (you guessed it) Wednesday Night Church, followed by a hymn sing with Leelanau. Overall, it was a classic day filled with classic activities that everyone loved.

Thursday afternoon the arts took over as the Art Show and the Dance and Drama Show were presented to showcase what our artsy campers have been working on this summer. And, as a surprise, the Sky Show finished the afternoon of the arts, complete with an original news show-themed comedy that the counselors read cold the moment they stepped onstage (which was HILARIOUS) and a kickline to “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. It was a fabulous afternoon full of artistry! Finally, we topped off the day by squeezing in another round of Bombardment as one last hurrah of a favorite Camp activity. After yet another extensive game, Pines took the win again!

Holy moly Friday snuck up on us! To shake things up and put a stamp on our incredible week we did an all-Kohahna activity: The Kohahna County Picnic. Spanning the entire Great House Lawn, from the flagpole to the basketball courts, campers participated in picnic-esque activities such as potato sack races, line dancing, watermelon seed spitting, cornhole, and whipped cream pie-eating contests. It was a hoot and the girls had a blast! The picnic ended with dinner on the beach before walking up to Final Council Fire in the evening. We celebrated the week and the whole summer as we heard about campers who passed their Expert levels in various activities, shared our highlights from the week, and shared gratitude during a ceremony known as the Pine Bough Ceremony. What a lively and impactful day we had!

Saturday brought blessings on blessings on blessings as we wrapped up the summer with a bow. In place of our traditional Encore day, we did an Encore Exhibition. Campers signed up for various “competitions,” essentially showcases, in different activities, including the Horse Show, the Waterskiing Show, a Tennis Tournament, a Climbing Competition, a Marksmanship Competition, and a Fire Building Competition. Everyone had such fun showing off their skills and cheering each other on! In the evening, as per the long withstanding tradition, we had our Final Banquet. We heard five campers speak on the summer theme, Love is the Liberator, enjoyed a carefully crafted slideshow of the summer courtesy of our fantabulous photography counselor (I know the parents were grateful for her!), presented various awards to the campers, and found out that the Sand team won the summer!

We speak for campers and counselors alike when we say that we are immensely grateful Camp was up and running this summer. Thank you to the staff who committed to being here this summer, for the parents who supported Camp by sending their children here, and for the campers who brought the fun and made Camp come to life! It has been a wonderful summer full of flexibility, growth, and loads of fun.

We love you all and hope to see you next summer!

Peace and blessings,

North Star