Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2011

What an exciting opening day of camp! After a long school year dreaming of dips in the lake and climbs on the dunes, excited campers leapt out of cars and into a wonderful summer at Kohahna.

After getting settled into cabins and eating at Cookout, we had our first Council Fire. Campers learned about this summer’s theme, Living Love, which is based on Henry Drummond’s The Greatest Thing in the World.  We also had a special visit from Princess Kohahna, who assigned each new camper to either the Pine or Sand team.

On Monday morning, we held our swimming proficiency test at Bar Lake. After lunch, campers had time to bond as a cabin, to set goals for the summer, and to establish a cabin contract.  In the evening, we played Lawn Games, including a new favorite, Shipwreck!

The next day, campers jumped into their first week of Morning Activities, which included Ceramics, Sailing, Horseback Riding, Nature, Archery, Silversmithing, Drama, and more. Throughout the week, campers enjoyed a variety of Afternoon Activities – from Charades and Headband-Making to Initiatives and Ultimate Frisbee.  One group took a hike to Pyramid Point and even saw an otter playing in Lake Michigan!

For Cabin Day on Wednesday afternoon, each cabin partook in a fun activity. Imaginative endeavors included making happiness journals, decorating cakes, playing with horses, and having a Fairy Tea Party!

During the evenings, campers got creative with their Lip Sync dances and Brown Bag skits.  The Pines and Sands showed their team spirit during Three-legged Kickball, Bombardment, and Capture the Flag. One evening, our older campers attended an inspiring Christian Science lecture by John Q. Adams, CSB. A few campers got to enjoy another special treat: a Three Men and a Tenor concert at a nearby farm.

Overall, we had a wonderful first week! Despite a few rainy days, camp activities were as energetic and fun-filled as ever. This week we are looking forward to an off-camp Cabin Day, trips to the Porcupine Mountains (CTs only) and North Manitou, and some sunnier days!