Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2012

The morning of Opening Day was grey and rainy, but the sun peeked out right before the first cars started pulling up to camp! In no time there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Families rolled in all morning meeting the sunshine and excited counselors. Once the kids got settled into their bunks and hugged old and new friends they hit the beach for some cabin bonding followed by traditional Sunday night Cook-out. Sunday night, all of Kohahna lined up and made the summer’s first ceremonial silent walk up to Council Fire.

Surrounded by Kohahna sisterhood and overlooking Lake Michigan, campers created cabin cheers, played a few competitive games of “pickpocket,” enjoyed some quiet reflection, sang campfire songs, shouted a rousing Kohahna cheer, and learned about the summer theme. 2012’s Council Fire theme is “Secure in Soul.” This idea is inspired by Mrs. Eddy’s quotation in Science and Health, “Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul” (60). Being secure in Soul means finding safety as we live through God’s direction and care. (This summer we will focus on how obedience, discernment, courage, compassion, and identity help us focus on being more Soulful.) The girls then happily trotted back to camp, got cozy in their freshly-made beds, and fell asleep to the counselors singing hymns.

On Monday campers woke up to a morning rainfall and were spared the first chilly dip in Lake Michigan! Once again, the weather improved by mid-morning and campers were able to successfully participate in the Swim Test! Girls, young and old, took the big blue bus to Bar Lake for some floating, treading, and swimming! After being in the water all morning lunch of grilled cheese and hot tomato soup was greatly appreciated!.Cabins spent the afternoon together creating personal and group goals and cabin rules and contracts to follow for the rest of the summer. In the evening was the counselor fashion show! Each cabin was told to dress up their counselors with clothes found in the cabin, pick a song for the use on the runway, and participate in the presentation. All gathered in the Great House to show off their counselor creations. Memorable costumes were: Driftwood’s robot counselor, Evergreen’s Calvin and Hobbes, and Shorewood’s campers dressed as earth, wind, water, and fire with their counselor dressed at the sun. After every counselor graced the stage, all of camp had a big dance party!

Tuesday morning meant the first dip of the summer! Cheers were heard all down the beach and up the beach stairs as girls bopped into the Lake at 7 AM! Campers got their morning activities and participated in them with great joy despite a little drizzle! Afternoon activities ranged from puddle jumping to get-to-know you games to comic drawing to superhero training. That night first-year campers learned their teams, joined them for captain voting and a game of Bombardment! At the end of the night some games were won by Sands, some were won by Pines, and everyone had a good time. Everyone celebrated with an evening dip before bed.

Cabin Day—also known as Wednesday—was very exciting! Shorewood went to Leland for a photo-scavenger hunt, while Gull’s Nest, Driftwood, Falling Star, and Birchview had scavenger hunts in Glen Arbor. Breezeway went mini-golfing, Stardust and Clifftop enjoyed ice cream at the Glen Arbor playground, and Windward shot the Crystal River culverts. As a special treat, Evergreen and Juniper went tubing on Glen Lake! After returning back to camp for showers and dinner, we had our first Wednesday nigh church service in the Great House. The readings, supplied by one of our CTs, were on God’s provision for man, and they inspired many wonderful testimonies. Leelanau met us for our co-ed hymn sing to close out the evening.

It was a delightful, sunny day on Thursday! Water activities were abundant with swim classes, waterskiing, and canoeing. In the afternoon, the girls had the opportunity to hike Pyramid Point, take a mini-French class, play Frisbee golf, or have a workout dance party. Some girls even headed down Port Oneida and set up a cherry-aide stand for thirsty passer-bys. Meanwhile, our CTs—who have been doing their own leadership activities all week—were getting pretty close to finishing their service project for camp. How grateful we are to have a new archery range!

CTs have also been doing other fun activities like cooking their own breakfast in the woods and taking night hikes. They also found time to join the rest of Wildwoods for a Christian Science lecture in Leland Thursday night. Meanwhile, the three cabins of 5th and 6th graders spent the afternoon and night having a Peter Pan overnight! Counselors dressed as characters from the story and led the girls around the back property teaching camping skills and playing “lost girls” games. The trip was a major success. Back at camp the three youngest cabins had a fairy party in the woods. The little ones’ dressed-up counselors and then  gave everyone fairy names and “wands” for roasting s’mores! Tuckered from a night of playing, they hunkered into bed early and slept soundly.

Friday was another fabulous day of morning activities! Girls were catching bugs in Nature, writing scenes in Drama, pitching tents in Camp Crafts, rock-climbing, horse back riding, and canoeing the Crystal River! The afternoon brought Paz-Dog—which is a version of Capture the Flag played on water and the beach. Before bed, campers cleaned their trunks in preparation for Saturday’s big cabin clean-up. It was a successful day of cleaning with Birchview coming in as cleanest cabin for Wildwood and Juniper for the Waukeena section. In the afternoon, campers were able to meet with their morning activity counselors from the week to make up for some rainy days. Then, cabins got together to prep for Kohahna Lip Sync, which is always an highlight!          

Sunday started with donuts on North Star’s porch brought to camp by the CTs! After breakfast and shower time, Kohahna joined Leelanau for Sunday School and lunch. The afternoon was a huge co-ed Olympic event! Teams representing different countries traveled all around camp running, cheering, swimming, and wheelbarrowing.  Then, camp had cook-out and off to Council Fire.

This week’s focus for Secure in Soul was obedience. We talked with the girls about how listening to God and doing what we know is right enriches us as well as keeps us safe. We also played a name game team challenge, heard about many achievements of the week, and sang favorite songs. Campers’ headed to bed after a very full week ready to start all over again.