Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2015

Camp Kohahna’s first session has started with a bang as we begin our ascent to the Heights of Mind! On Sunday, KOH campers arrived with smiles on their faces and expectant eagerness to greet friends, old and new.  We began the summer session with Cookout, Elbow Tag, and Knockout (basketball game). Throughout this time campers recounted highlights from the year and caught up with their friends. Afterward, we congregated on Kohahna Road and began our silent climb to Council Fire. During the walk, the Kohahna girls were asked to think about gratitude which kicked off our first Council Fire meeting, where we kicked off the summer theme: The Heights of Mind. The core qualities of this summer include Good Judgment, Limitlessness, Patience, Integrity, and Love.

True to every summer at Kohahna, Monday, our first full day, began with the swim test at Bar Lake. In the warm waters of the Bar Lake, the young women of KOH swam several yards to complete varying degrees of swim proficiency. The swim test also included floating, treading, and helpful Counselors in Training (CTs) who cheered on and guided the children as they swam. The rest of the day was complete with cabin bonding (making cabin goals and contracts) and preparation for the evening activity; Brown Bag Skits. This activity requires that children gather a specified list of items from the cabin and, within each group of girls, create a skit based upon the items. Hilarity ensued and before we knew it, the Trips counselors stormed the activity in full costume and took the campers outside for a special treat!

On Tuesday campers began the regular daily schedule of morning activities ranging from Silversmithing, to Sailing, to Waterskiing, to Ceramics. With the sun shining warmly and a pleasant temperature, counselors offered several outdoor afternoon activities. These included a quick bike trip and hike to the beautiful 360 degree lookout, onsite water coloring of nature and historical buildings, Initiatives in the Pine Forest, rock painting and bracelet making on the lawn, learning Chinese characters, and horse beautification. That evening we played Bombardment on the tennis courts. This sparked Pine versus Sand competition that was filled with exemplary sportsmanship! Bombardment resulted in Wildwood (senior section) win for the Sand Team and a Waukeena (junior section) win for the Pine team.

Wednesday was Cabin Day! This is a special day at Kohahna as it involves cabin bonding and fun. The day began as usual with dips and morning activities and then commenced with Cabin Day plans. The festivities included Rock Climing, the Zipline and playground fun, “Cinco de Mayo” (including pin the tail on the donkey, flamenco, and a piñata), a Treasure Map Scavenger Hunt, Paint Twister, Beach Olympics, and a Murder Mystery Game where the cabin of Breezeway had to create a mystery story and let the North Star (Kohahna Director and Head Counselors) team solve it. The day wrapped up with a beautiful Wednesday night service complete with much testimony of healing and a Leelanau and Kohahna hymn sing.

Thursday, yet another day the Lord hath made, marked the departure of the Outback Adventure trip open to middle school age children. The Outback Adventure girls went to the back property of Camps Leelanau and Kohahna and learned skills that they can use on the Challenge (Pine vs. Sand competitive camping trip)  some day! They learned how to lash structures made of wood and twine, strategize for capture the flag, cook food in the woods, and have fun while expanding their comfort zone!! Back at camp, morning activities were had and then counselors offered afternoon activities such as Fall Sport Training, Traveling Card Playing Circus, Tubing, Friendship Bracelet making and Charades. That evening, campers enjoyed a counselor fashion show, where they dressed up there counselor according to a specific theme and walked down the “catwalk.” Once the fashion show finished, the campers played a game of freeze dance and a game of Mafia. The night ended with a brilliant sunset that shone over the bluffs and across the cabins.

Friday was filled with fun! The days afternoon activities were Improv Games, Aztec Painting, Paddleboarding, Petoskey Stone Hunt, and planning for the South Manitou Trip. Our evening activity was a special night of costumed fun. We played a game called Pirates and Cargo where the campers were split into two teams (one pirate and one cargo team). The cargo team had the mission of getting secret messages from one counselor to another across the Great Lawn without the pirates catching them. If a pirate caught them, they would say, “raise your sails” and then the pirate had ten seconds to find a folded paper note somewhere on the cargo’s person. The game was enjoyed by all, and a highlight for many.

On Saturday we had our big extended clean-up, which went really well. In addition to an all camp metaphysical meeting and a short beach period, the clean-up took most of the morning. In the afternoon, campers did their morning activities from the past week. We also had the opportunity to practice for Lip Sync which meant that each cabin had the chance to pick a song, costumes, and make a choreographed routine to perform later that night. Lip Sync is always a crowd favorite, and that was the case this past Saturday as well. Each cabin came up with a clever and well down performance, but the CTs took home first prize after rave reviews from our celebrity judges (counselors dressed up in costume).

We are all looking forward to our second week of camp where we will specifically explore the concept of Limitlessness as it relates to the Heights of Mind! There will also be several trips that go out as well as many fun on camp activities. We are off to a great start in summer 2015!