Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2016

K-O-H-A-H-N-A!!!  Oh the joy that is summer at Kohahna! We had an excellent first week of camp full of a variety of diverse activities, the meeting of new friends, and the reuniting with old friends!  There is much to share about  our first week of  Kohahna so here is the break down by categories!

Cabin life: The cabins are full and bustling, with all but one cabin having at least one new camper. There are 15 new campers this session so we have greatly enjoyed meeting new friends and acquainting them with the routines and traditions here at Kohahna. Our first cabin day (which happens every Wednesday) was a smash hit! The entire girls camp traveled to Glen Arbor for a variety of activities. Some went tubing on Glen Lake, others did a scavenger hunt around the town of Glen Arbor, one cabin went geo-caching, and costumes and laughter were part of the excursion for many others!

Morning activities: Week one was complete with all our mainstay morning activities!  The Arts and Crafts class “traveled” to Morocco to do mosaics, the ceramics class began with some basics (coil pots, and figures), in Drama/Singing they worked on scenes to perform later in the session and learned the harmony to two of Mary Baker Eddy’s hymns. The Sailing class enjoyed beautiful weather and plenty of days for the boat (great waves and warm sun), and in swimming girls checked off many levels as they worked towards passing their Expert level! In Nature, the girls got to make their own leaf identification books and they went on a cool hike to Pyramid Point. Of course we had Archery, and Riflery, Camp Crafts and Horseback Riding, Kayaking, and Waterskiing, Rock Climbing and Silversmithing too! What a week!

Evening Activities:

Evening Activity is often the highlight for many of the campers as it relates to activities.  On Monday night we had a counselor fashion show where each cabin had a different theme and had to dress their counselors up to match that theme. Then the cabin planned a little performance piece to show off their counselor’s costumes! Each cabin did a great job- check the website for awesome pictures. On Tuesday night we played the camp favorite- Bombardment (our form of dodgeball), after electing team captains for the summer!  We are happy to share that Ruth Coolidge is the Pine team captain and Caitlyn Demaree is the Sand team captain! The Sands came out strong for Bombardment and won the Wildwood competitions while the Pine Waukeenas took home the win. On Wednesday we had a lovely church services with reading given (as always) by one of the CTs.  There were MANY testimonies shared from both campers and counselors- it was a treat to be part of this service.

 On Thursday we went to the Dune for Dune football! Dune Football is a combination of capture the flag (or in this case Capture the football) and get it back to your team’s side by running it across the boundary line. If the ball drops for any reason (failed throw, etc.) it goes back to the “flag circle”.  It was a beautiful night to be our on the Dunes and the Sand team was victorious again! On Friday evening we played the Newlywed game! After having a week of getting to know our fellow cabin mates, it was time to see which cabin knew their friends the best. Each girl got a turn to play and fun facts were revealed such as: How many siblings do they have? Do they have any pets? What’s their favorite color? What kind of shampoo did they bring to camp? This game is always a camp favorite because its so neat to learn fun facts about everyone! On Saturday evening we did the Lip Sync and all of the cabins were decked out in costume and prepared to perform their lip sync and dance to their selected song. The competition was judged by three counselors in character, which always amounts to great fun! It’s no wonder Lip Sync is a favorite! The cabin of Breezeway got the highest score so they were declared winner! Lastly, on Sunday we joined together for Council Fire after our all camp beach day on Sunday afternoon!

Trips: During the first week of camp we had a large group of 5th, 6th, and 7th graders go out on a trip to the Nordhouse Dunes which are a few hours south. They learned camping skills including putting up tents, cooking over the stove, and how to live in the woods and take care of the land. They went swimming and enjoyed sunshine and game playing!

Highlights: There were many highlights this week, but to narrow it down to 3 specifics: campers all shared that they loved getting to know one another and meeting new people. They also loved playing in the water at beach period, and lastly they loved all of the various evening activities!

Summer Theme: Our summer theme is “Our Perfect Principle” and during this first week of camp we simply introduced the theme and shared the five subtopics- Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, and Perfect Harmony. It was shared that with Perfect God comes Perfect Man and this is sustained by Perfect Love which is gives place to Perfect Harmony and Perfect Peace. Each week more will be shared about each of these topics starting with the foundation: Perfect God!

We are looking forward to another wonderful week here on the shores of Lake Michigan!