Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2017

Summer has officially begun at Kohahna!! We had an amazing week full of exciting morning activities, cabin bonding time, and team games! It was a joy to see all the new and returning campers jump into camp with high energy and love for Kohahna! There is much good to share about the first week of camp, so here is the break down by categories!

Campers settled into their cabins quickly, and had time to bond individually with their cabins early in the week. Our first cabin day (which happens every Wednesday) was fun-filled with activities around camp! The entire Wildwood section did the Ropes Course. They had a great time supporting each other and working together to realize what they were capable of! The younger cabins did a variety of activities ranging from blindfolded cookie baking to fairy house building. There was much strength, creativity, and joy expressed all around camp on cabin day this week!

Campers participated in a variety of diverse activities each morning this week! The Arts and Crafts class learned about different elements of art such as symmetry, shading, and the color wheel. The Ceramics class let their creativity flow while making pots, plates, tiles, etc…, and the Drama class prepared skits and monologues to be performed in the Dance and Drama show during the third week of camp. The Waterskiing class enjoyed skiing on beautiful Glen Lake, while the Sailing class spent time learning about the parts of the boat and sailing on Lake Michigan. The Landsports class spent the week playing Basketball, and campers in Camp Crafts practiced their fire-building and cooking skills in the woods. In addition to these excellent activities, we had Archery and Riflery, Horseback Riding and Rock Climbing, Dance and Silversmithing, and Kayaking too!

Evening activities are some of the most common highlights from the week for many campers. On Monday evening we played the Chicken Game, which is a game similar to capture the flag, however instead of chasing flags, you try to capture rubber chickens! Everyone was happy to be back at camp running around the Great House lawn, and the Sand Team took home the win. On Tuesday night we carried on a longstanding tradition and played Bombardment (our version of dodgeball) after electing team captains for the summer. We are excited to share that Molly Loveless is the Pine team captain and Zoe Wade is the Sand team captain! The Sands started the summer out strong by winning both the Waukeena and Wildwood games. On Wednesday night we had a lovely church service with readings given by one of the CTs. It was a blessing to hear all the testimonies of healing shared from many campers and counselors.

On Thursday the Wildwood campers went to Glen Arbor for a Christian Science Lecture, while the Waukeenas stayed at camp and played the Pillowcase game and Lawn games. For the Pillowcase game, each cabin puts as many miscellaneous items into a pillowcase as they can, in hopes that those items will be listed by counselors during the game. For every item the cabin brings that also matches the list made by the counselor, the cabin gets a point. The Waukeenas had a great time being creative with the items they brought to the game, and were excited to play some active games on the Great House lawn afterward. On Friday we went to the Dune for Dune football! Dune Football is similar to capture the flag (or in this case Capture the football), but you also have to get the football back to your team’s side by running it across the boundary line. If the ball drops for any reason (failed throw, etc.) it goes back to the “flag circle”.  It was a beautiful night to be out on the Dunes, and the Sand team won! On Saturday evening we did a camp favorite – Lip Sync! All the cabins were in costume to perform their lip sync and dance to their selected song. The competition was judged by three counselors in character, which always gives everyone a good laugh! The cabin of Clifftop got the highest score, and they were declared the winner! Lastly, on Sunday we joined together for Council Fire after our all camp beach bonanza on Sunday afternoon!

This past week we have been preparing for the much-anticipated trips week during week two! Every Kohahna camper will be going out on a trip, so stay tuned for more information next week as we hear about their wilderness adventures from Grand Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to just across Lake Michigan on North Manitou. Our goals for the upcoming week are to further our knowledge of camping skills, step outside our comfort zones, and encourage a greater love and understanding for the outdoors. In addition, we are excited to see our Kohahna campers grow as leaders out on the trail and continue to explore our summer theme, “Women of the Wilderness” both practically and metaphysically.

The campers had many highlights to share when we asked them at Council Fire! Some of the main highlights from the week included Dune Football, the Chicken Game, the Christian Science Lecture, Lip Sync, and being back at camp for the summer. We are so grateful for all of the good from the first week!

Our metaphysical theme this summer is “Women of the Wilderness.” Throughout the summer, we will explore the idea of womanhood as it relates to the spiritual definition of wilderness found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy which reads, “Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence” (597:17-19). Each week we will focus on one of the seven K-Qualities, and will delve deeper into the metaphysical facts surrounding each quality starting this week with Joyfulness!

We are looking forward to a beautiful second week here at Kohahna!