Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2018

It’s hard to believe that the first week of camp is already over! We have had such a fun week and have loved getting to know your daughters more. Their joy, thoughtfulness, creativity, and determination has shone brightly this week — in their activities, team games, and in their interactions with one another. We are so grateful to have them at Camp and are looking forward to the weeks ahead.

What a seriously fun group of campers and counselors we have! On Monday, we had time to get to know our cabin mates and counselors a bit more through writing cabin contracts. These contracts help us set goals and guidelines to support a loving and harmonious cabin culture. We also had time to write our own individual goals. They ranged from passing higher activity levels, to wanting to lean steadfastly on Christian Science in challenges, to focusing on expressing more self-awareness.  Our cabin time has been spent playing in hammocks, card games, reading books as a cabin, putting on skits, making up stories, and just generally being goofy.

We had a great first week of morning activities! Campers got right into learning so many new things. The following are just a few highlights from the week’s morning activities. In Camp Crafts, campers worked on some wicked fires. One camper conquered her fear of lighting a match and then went on to build an awesome fire! The girls in Horseback Riding class worked on horse control and trotting in figure eights around the ring. In Arts & Crafts, campers designed picture frames made out of stones they chose from the beach. Campers stepped outside of their comfort zone and worked side-by-side to learn and teach this week.

We had a week featuring some of the favorite Kohahna Evening Activities (but, let’s be honest- they are all pretty great). On Sunday evening we started the summer with our first Council Fire where our new campers found out their team (Sands or Pines? Who are you rooting for? The Sky team OF COURSE). We got to make up cabin cheers, find out which activities our counselors are teaching this summer, play a team game called the ‘Bugle Challenge’ and sing some of the classic Council Fire songs.  On Monday, we kicked off Evening Activity with three legged kickball and other lawn games. Then, the girls hit the tennis court for some Bombardment on Tuesday, showing their intensity and sportsmanship while launching balls over the net. Wednesday night marked our first Testimony meeting with readings chosen by one of our CT’s. We are so looking forward to hearing more testimonies throughout the summer. On Thursday, the Wildwoods attended a lecture by Dave Hohle titled “Time isn’t a Factor in your Life.” Many listed it as one of their highlights for the week. The Waukeenas stuck around at Camp and had Extreme Story Time, where they read stories and then got into groups and acted out what they thought would happen after the story was over. Friday night, the girls suited up in Pines and Sands gear for an exhilarating game of Capture the Flag. All ages of campers were making raids, guarding the flag, and yelling, “CAUGHT, CAUGHT, CAUGHT.” On Saturday night we had our Lip Syncs – a Kohahna Evening Activity classic full of teamwork, originality, and highlighting cabin personality. We wrapped up the week with an all camp trip to Empire Beach in the afternoon and Council Fire at night.

We have been gearing up for trip’s week which begins Week 2! All of Kohahna will go out on trip. Our Wildwood campers will be going to the Upper Pennisula to do some outdoor climbing, our C.Ts will be canoeing in the Upper Pennisula, the cabins of Evergreen and Juniper will canoe the Platte River, Falling Star will spend their time on South Manitou and Gull’s Nest and Driftwood will do a cabin overnight in the Pine Forest. We look forward to hearing about the growth, funny stories, leadership, learning, and achievement that will occur out on the trail. Stay tuned next week for a full recap.

As it was our first week, we introduced our summer theme “This Is Me,” during Council Fire. Our theme is centered on the idea that we all express the qualities of God in a equally unique and important way, that should be celebrated. At the crux of the theme is the quote from Science and Health with Key to Scriptures, “Both sexes should be loving, pure, tender, and strong.” Each week we will focus on one of these qualities (as well as confidence and spiritual individuality) and highlight the many ways it can be expressed. North Star will also present a role model for that week’s quality. This week, we focused on love and how Eliza Hamilton’s life work is a wonderful example of love in action. During our cabin and all-camp quiet times, we dove deeper into the different ways love can look. The campers have already started to make the theme their own and we can’t wait to see their continued inspiration, as it truly inspires us all.