Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2021

Holy Jamoses, Camp has begun! Opening Day was a joyous occasion as campers arrived one after the other and counselors welcomed them with open arms. As per tradition, we had our first Cookout with Leelanau in the evening as a united Camp followed by our first Council Fire. Campers had a blast creating cabin cheers, being assigned their teams (Pines and Sands), and learning about the summer theme Free and Fearless. Following our Opening Day festivities on Sunday we jumped right into the first week of Camp. We hit the ground running in the first two days with lots of cabin bonding time, involving playing games, writing cabin goals, and creating cabin contracts. We also played games as an entire girl’s camp such as Big Base (a large-scale version of Kickball) and Bombardment (a variation on Dodgeball). The campers had a blast running around outside and playing with their teams. On Tuesday we took the Swim Test to ensure everyone could participate in all of the water activities we offer here at Camp. It was a chilly day to be in the water, but everyone cheered each other on as we persisted through the tough conditions.

As we entered the middle of the week, the cabins got to participate in more bonding time during Cabin Day and Wednesday Night Church. I think we speak for everyone when we say that many people love Wednesdays here at Camp! Each week, counselors plan special activities on or off campus for their cabins to do, such as playing at Old Settlers Park, tubing on Glen Lake, and frolicking around Sleeping Bear Dunes. Following Cabin Day, everyone got cleaned up after an active afternoon and attended church and a co-ed hymn sing with Leelanau (another favorite activity of many).

The Wednesday midweek reset launched us into the rest of the week which involved team games like Superlatives and 8 Sticks (a variation on capture the flag), and weekend traditions like Saturday morning Clean Up and Lip Sync. It was a full weekend as the week came to a close, but campers and counselors alike had a wonderful time getting to know each other, jumping into the Camp schedule, and starting off the summer with a bang!

We are so grateful everyone is here and that Camp is up and running this summer. There is so much good in store for the rest of the summer and we’re excited to see all of the goodness, fun, and growth unfold!

Much love,

North Star