Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2022

We are so excited that Camp is officially in session! The first week absolutely flew by now that we finally have our campers again! Opening day was a whirlwind with everyone arriving and settling into their cabins. We finished off the day with a classic cookout meal with Leelanau and the first Council Fire. The perfect way to kick off the summer! On Monday we hit the ground running with Morning Activities followed by the swim test in the afternoon. We were lucky this year the weather was super warm and made the afternoon that much more enjoyable. We wrapped the day with some get-to-know-you lawn games, an epic game of Big Base, and some free time on the playground. Tuesday we were able to start our normal daily schedule with afternoon activities. For the Evening Activity that night we had a blast playing our classic game of Bombardment, a fun take on dodgeball. It is always the first Pine vs. Sands game of the session and all the campers look forward to it!
Everyone was excited when Wednesday finally rolled around. Wednesday is always a fan favorite here at camp. In the afternoon, each cabin goes their separate ways to do a fun secret activity planned especially for them by their counselors. It was off-camp cabin day this week, so we had people going to all sorts of places such as Empire playground/beach, flower picking, and some even got sweet treats in Glen Arbor. The best part of the day is Wednesday night church and hymn-sing after dinner.
Thursday we played Pirates and Cargo which was super fun. The campers are split up into Cargo and Pirates. The Cargo try to take secret messages to counselors without getting caught by the Pirates trying to stop them. Friday we introduced a new game called Three Blind Mice. This game was created by a group of Leelanau counselors this year and we just could not wait to play it with the kids. They are split up into four teams and the goal is to steal someone else’s cheese, which is a dodge ball, before yours gets stolen. It was definitely a hit. Everyone had so much fun!
The first week ended with some wonderful camp classics such as Saturday clean-up, playing and swimming at Shalda Creek, and Lip-Sync. Sunday was a great reset day as we wrapped up the week. Taking the morning to sleep in before Sunday School and bookmarking time before lunch. We finished off the day with an exciting game of Hunger Games and Council Fire.
Overall, it was a fantastic first week! We are so grateful to have all the campers here this summer, and we cannot wait to see all the wondrous works God has planned for us this summer.
Much Love,
North Star