Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2008

Second week of camp seemed even fuller and faster than first week! The week began with a surprise variety show performed by the counseling staff as a gift to the campers on Sunday afternoon. Not only was the show itself a surprise, but those who found themselves in the “splash zone” during the Titanic lip sync were also a little stunned! That evening’s Council Fire continued to develop the summer’s theme of “A Gracious Heart” by drawing attention to patience as an important element of grace. Also at Council Fire, we heard about the many girls who had passed activity levels and those who had made other significant achievements throughout their first week.

Highlights from this week’s activities were Tuesday afternoon’s charter fishing trip (which returned with a salmon for our next cookout!), Wednesday’s cozy Cabin Day activities during a rainy afternoon, and Thursday evening’s field trip to the Sleeping Bear dune climb. Another significant highlight was Wednesday evening’s testimony meeting during which we heard from many first-time testifiers.

We missed the CTs as they explored part of Lake Superior’s shore in Canada. They hiked from Monday until Friday, and arrived home amidst camp’s lively Fourth of July celebration. To celebrate Independence Day, everyone participated in the annual parade through Glen Arbor, then cycled through a variety of team activities around camp, and finally enjoyed the picturesque sunset over Lake Michigan. The week’s activities brought us full circle, as we spent Saturday night back at the stage for an evening of cabin lip syncs. The Little Dippers won the hearts of our guest judges from American Idol and won the competition with their performance of The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl.”

Spirits are high as we head into our final week of the first session. We’re excited for another full week of activities and play!