Bugle Call – Week 2 -2009

There’s nothing like a rainy week at summer camp to further bond everyone here!  Despite the chilly and rainy days that filled the majority of our week, Kohahna continued buzzing with activities indoor and out.  Some of the favorites ranged from cozy indoor fort building to a walking history lesson about our surrounding area along Port Oneida Road. For cabin day, several cabins headed into Glen Arbor or Leland to explore our neighboring towns.  Other cabins opted to maximize this rainy weather by cuddling up in the Great House to watch a movie. 

Some exciting trips also ventured away from camp this week.  The CT’s were gone the longest, hiking the rocky shores of Lake Superior Provincial Park from Monday until Friday. Much of their terrain was composed of boulders and larger rock faces, so moving along the trail became quite a team-effort of offering each other a stabilizing hand or demonstrating how to negotiate difficult steps.  Upon return, the CT’s expressed gratitude for all the lessons they learned about supporting each other, persisting through challenges, and praying for guidance. Although campers and counselors missed the CT’s back at camp, we were all very grateful that they had such a fulfilling experience in Canada.

Meanwhile, Evergreen and Juniper took an overnight to the Sand Lake Quiet Area.  One of the treats on this trip was taking advantage of the clay bottom of the lake in their “wilderness spa” activities.  Later in the week, Windward and Birchview canoed down the Crystal River before camping out at Platte Plains.

Saturday’s Fourth of July celebration was warm, sunny, spirited, and playful.  Kohahna and Leelanau came together for a flag raising in the morning, complete with a horseback delivery of the flag and a bagpipe performance of Amazing Grace, before heading out on the pair of big blue buses to the Glen Arbor parade.  While waiting for the parade to begin, we did our best to eat our picnic lunches while not smearing our fresh facepaint. We then fell into place in the parade and sang camp songs to the crowd as we passed through town.  Back at camp, we spent our afternoon doing activities scattered across the Great Lawn and beachfront.  Cookie decorating, musical footbaths (a patriotic and summer-friendly rendition of musical chairs), slip-n-slide down the big hill on the great lawn, watermelon seed spitting, bobbing for apples, Lake Michigan bombardment, hay ride through the scenic drives near camp, and tug-of-war were many of the lively activities of our afternoon.  Following a cookout dinner, four of the Leelanau counselors provided a live musical concert for everyone.  Their finale song was Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, a well-known and well-liked song that the campers joined along in singing.  To conclude our Independence Day celebration, the younger half of camp roasted s’mores on the beach while the older section hiked to Pyramid Point and the Sandbowl to watch the sunset and distant fireworks displays.

The weekend’s fun didn’t stop there!  On Sunday afternoon Kohahna collaborated to put on a talent show.  The show was full of dramatic, musical, dance, and even athletic talents. Sunday evening’s Council Fire wrapped up our week with the K-quality of persistence. The weekly Looking Glass historical woman was Amelia Earhart, and we further developed the idea of seeing our goals through to the end without the interference of fear or discouragement. Visiting Alumni shared what Kohahna has meant to their lives, and it was very inspiring to hear the lessons that they still cherish from their camp days of years ago.  There’s no question that the momentum from this week will launch us into a stellar final week of the session!