Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2011

The final week of the 3-week session simply flew by! It was filled with our usual Council Fire, our morning and afternoon activities, a Cabin Day, and more. But we also had several special activities, including the 4th of July festivities, the Sand Show, the Talent Show, Backwards Day, a trip to the Upper Peninsula’s Pictured Rocks National Park, and our Final Banquet.

At Council Fire, we continued to develop the summer theme of Living Love by focusing on the quality of unselfishness. As Henry Drummond says in The Greatest Thing in the World, “there is no happiness in having or in getting anything, but only in giving.” In giving and serving others, we express love and unselfishness. In order to illustrate this point at Council Fire, we demonstrated that when one candle lights another candle, it loses none of its own light. Therefore, unselfishly spreading our love and joy takes nothing away from us; rather, it blesses everyone around us.

Speaking of candles and fire, a Camp Crafts student this week started a fire without using matches!  She persistently worked with the flint and steel tool in order to start a fire from just a tiny spark. What an achievement! There were many other achievements during our morning activities, including two girls who got up on waterskiis for the first time! A few advanced horseback riders worked on the challenging skills of cantering and jumping, too. One camper even skippered a J-Y sailboat in Sailing class. One evening this week, a few sailors were able to go sailing on Lake Michigan during a spectacular sunset.

Our many special activities, including ones like the Sunset Sail, kept the week moving quickly. On Monday we celebrated the 4th of July by patriotically painting our faces, having a picnic lunch, and walking in the Glen Arbor parade. In the afternoon, we had Leelanau and Kohahna campers divide into teams, which then competed in water-balloon launching, an obstacle course, watermelon seed spitting, and a 3-legged race. The campers also played on the waterslide and decorated 4th of July cookies. On Wednesday, we had another special day. The entire day was backwards!  Instead of starting our day by dipping in the lake, we started by singing taps. Although having pasta for breakfast seemed unusual, having pancakes for dinner was pretty yummy!

A lot of campers worked diligently this week to prepare the Sand Show and the Talent Show. At the Sand Show, the Sand team gave the Pine and Sky teams an evening of entertainment. In the show, the Beatles traveled from England to come to Camp Kohahna. (Naturally, they began their journey by taking “a yellow submarine”  across the Atlantic.) In the Talent Show, we saw more skits and dances from this session’s Dance and Drama classes. Other campers also shared their talents as they sang and played the piano. Our busy week concluded with two Kohahna traditions: our Final Banquet and a special gratitude ceremony.

Although everyone was sad to part with our three-week campers, we also look forward to another session of growth, fun, and sisterhood.