Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2011

Sunday morning started our week with a fun Kohahna tradition of sleeping in late and being served doughnuts by our CTs. The sun was brightly shining as the campers, all dressed in white, lined up for Sunday School. One of the younger classes learned about the seven synonyms for God, while a high school class talked about the theme of prophecy from the weekly Bible Lesson. At Council Fire that night, we expanded on the summer theme of “Living Love” as we learned about Kindness. Tons of bubbles filled the air around the circle, representing all of our opportunities to express kindness. And the campers had plenty of chances to practice kindness this week as they anonymously did kind deeds for their “Pinecone Pals.”

Monday morning brought the departure of the CT trip to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The trip was a picturesque and challenging hiking trip and the CTs really enjoyed the rigorous exercise, the opportunity to cook and eat out on the trail, and most of all they valued the time spent with the CT class. A trip to North Manitou also went out during the later part of the week, and the campers involved in that activity really loved their time on the island too.

There was certainly lots of kindness during Morning Activities, too. In Gymnastics class, campers helped each other with cartwheels, handstands, and leaps. Campers also supported each other during Waterskiing, Riflery, Tennis, Windsurfing, and more. A few achievements from the week included a young Waukeena camper getting up on water skis, a horseback rider overcoming fear while cantering, the Kayaking class expressing enthusiasm and persistence, and Arts and Crafts students patiently creating their Southwest-inspired mosaics. Our Afternoon Activities were full of joy, too. Campers were able to try camp’s new zip-line, have fun on the waterslide, go bike riding, run around camp for an extreme scavenger hunt, and much more.

As usual, camp enjoyed many exciting Afternoon and Evening Activities. Cabin mates were tested on how well they knew each other during The Newlywed Game. Did they know their cabin mates’ brand of toothpaste? Favorite dessert at camp? The Pine and Sand teams also had the opportunity to learn more about each other during Superlatives as they competed in various categories to see who could do “the best impression of a counselor” or “make the best animal noise.” The Pines and Sands worked together and expressed Sportsmanship during Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Pas Dog 2.0, and Soccer this week.  On Wednesday, we loved having an off-camp Cabin Day. What fun it was to load up the Big Blue Bus! The cabins traveled to the nearby towns Glen Arbor or Leland, where they went tubing, explored shops, played at the playground, swam at the beach, or enjoyed ice cream. Another huge highlight from the week was having a professional instructor lead us all in an afternoon Zumba class.  We also had a joyous Beach Bonanza where the waterfront was open to all of camp and we pulled out many of the boats for Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and the like.

As the week came to a close, Kohahna welcomed back campers from the North Manitou trip and the CT Trip. Both trips had an amazing time!  It’s hard to believe that the last week of this session has already arrived, but it will certainly be packed with even more fun times and priceless memories. We are looking forward to the 4th of July festivities; another Cabin Day; the Talent Show, the Sand Show, and the Arts & Crafts/Ceramics display; and our Final Banquet.  It’s going to be an amazing week!