Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2012

Both the CT Trip and the Pictured Rocks trip left camp early Monday morning while the rest of Kohahna was still sleeping. We had bid them adieu the night before and looked forward to the stories they would bring back. For the rest of camp, Week Two brought all new morning activities! Regular activities were offered as well as gymnastics, volleyball, and, of course, archery with new flare—thanks to the CTs working on new shooting boxes last week.

Pyramid Point gave us beautiful weather all week long. We started Monday with some fun afternoon activities ranging from slipping down the water slide to an “extreme” game of Spoons. In the evening girls gathered with their cabins to play the Newlywed Game about friends and then create cabin chalk murals.

On Tuesday, kiddos enjoyed afternoons of crafting, photo scavenger hunts, or biking to a nearby pond to study frog and beaver habitats.  At night everyone boarded Big Blue and headed into town. Waukeenas climbed, ran, and played on the Sleeping Bear Dune Climb while Wildwoods jumped the Shallows of Little Glen for some Pine vs. Sand Water Polo!

Cabin Day was a blast! Stardust decorated cake in the kitchen for our Wednesday night dinner. Gull’s Nest and Juniper baked cookies in the Leelanau Lodge, Shorewood and Evergreen made cabin t-shirts, and a few cabins had “spa days” with face masks and nail painting during cabin bonding! Breezeway had the treat of doing a horse trail ride and Windward hiked to the Sand Bowl. All the kids bustled into dinner still buzzing about all the fun they had. Then, it was time for Church and Hymn Sing—peaceful and inspiring.

As we neared the end of the week girls were passing levels left and right in classes! Camp Crafts girls made brownies in Dutch ovens in the woods, Riflery worked on bull’s-eyes, and swimmers perfected their longevity and form. In the afternoon, snorkeling was very popular—as well as a “humane mouse hunt” in the barn, and “extreme hymn singing!” Night brought Kickball and lawn games as well as the return of the Pictured Rocks trippers! After such an active, sunny day, campers were definitely ready for bed.

 All week, campers (and counselors!) have been participating in “Pine Cone Pals.” Campers chose the name of another camper out of a hat and then did secret good deeds for their “PCP” until they revealed themselves at Council Fire.   For Afternoon Activity girls had the option of making crafts for their secret pals, having a Minnie Mouse fun activity, or splashing in paddleboard bonanza! The CTs returned to lots of hugs and jumped right back into camp as group leaders for the evening Fire-Building Competition. Teams of six girls, of all ages, competed to be the first group to burn through twine hung over their camp fires. Afterwards, everyone roasted marshmallows and headed to cabins to begin cleaning for Saturday.

Saturday we had a successful clean-up, with almost every cabin passing inspection! Then, Kohahna had a beach carnival all afternoon—complete with boats, boards, toys, sand castles, and swimming! In the evening campers dressed up for “Halloween”! Girls enjoyed a “mad scientist lab” in the kitchen, campfire stories in the forest, a “haunted” barn, and musical chairs! Of course, they had a little candy—but mostly a lot of fun.

Sunday brought donuts, Sunday School, and a new activity—The Hunger Games, which was a camp wide version of pickpocket for the Wildwoods. Meanwhile, the Waukeenas played on the playground and went down the Zip Line. That evening, after Cook-Out, we headed to Council Fire. This week’s focus was on Courage. We talked with the girls about how courage doesn’t mean being intensely heroic—it might just mean being bold enough to make the right decisions in life, try new things, or befriend a new person. Through skits and songs we explained how we don’t have to fear being courageous. If we are being brave, with right motives, we are secure. The sunset on Lake Michigan was dazzling as the Sky Counselors gently sang campers to sleep. Only one more week of First Half!