Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2013

Week two at Kohahna has proved to be another fantastic one! The week began with traditional Sunday morning doughnuts and our first Sunday School session. Campers then enjoyed the warm day with a Beach Bonanza! Paddle-boarding, rock hunting, kite flying, swimming, and beach walks were some of the activities we enjoyed in the abundant sunshine. Campers were overflowing with highlights and gratitude for their first week of experiences at our Sunday evening Council Fire. This week we focused on love as the main component of our Summer 2013 Theme: There is Enough. We spoke about how God’s love is always in infinite supply for us at camp and everywhere else, and how we can overcome any negative suggestions that would try to tell us otherwise.

Campers jumped right into their new weekly activities for the week on Monday morning and did a variety of fun events in the afternoon, including Zumba, metalsmithing, Quidditch, painting, horseback riding, and volleyball. On Monday evening we played a camp version of the Newlywed Game, testing campers’ knowledge of each other after a week of being together. On Tuesday campers had quite a variety of activities to experience as well, including watercolor landscape painting, waterskiing, lacrosse, running and writing articles for our website. Tuesday evening we had some excellent team competition between the Pines and Sands with rousing games of soccer and kickball.

Wednesday we enjoyed our first off-camp cabin day, with cabins enjoying local beaches, flower picking, playing at the dunes, and going on photo scavenger hunts. We had an inspiring church service in the Great House and enjoyed Hymn Sing afterwards with our Leelanau brothers.

The campers reveled in a huge variety of activities on Thursday and Friday afternoon, including a walk to the clay pits, hymn singing, water hockey, canoe baths, bike riding, and waterskiing. Thursday evening our oldest campers had the opportunity to hear a Christian Science lecture sponsored by the First Church of Christ, Scientist of Glen Arbor while our younger campers enjoyed games at camp.

Friday evening each cabin dressed up their counselors for our Project Runway Kohahna fashion show. Counselors represented a holiday through the clothes their campers chose for them and walked the Kohahna runway full of spirit and joy.

Saturday capped off a wonderful week with a full morning of cleaning, an afternoon of Sand Show practice for the Sand team and cooking making and games for the Pine team, and dune football at the backside of the dunes in the evening. It’s amazing to think that our first session is almost over. Kohahna campers will undoubtedly have a wonderful week and make the most of their time here. We can’t wait to share highlights!