Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2015

Oh the joy that is Camp Kohahna! Our second week of camp was full of growth in grace, fun in the sun, and joyous laughter and playing! We had three trips go out this week as well as plenty of fun back here on Port Oneida Road. The Trips included the CT trip to the Manistique River in the Upper Peninsula for our counselors in training, a trip to South Manitou for the 4-6th graders, and the Peter Pan Overnight for our youngest three cabins. The CTs successfully paddled 62 miles, cooked their food and camped out on the trail for five days and four nights. They were happy to return home, but wrote quite a song about their experience to perform at council fire! The girls who traveled to South Manitou had a pirate themed adventure and really enjoyed exploring the island and learning about the wildlife there. Lastly, the Peter Pan Overnight girls had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, and Captain Hook as they zipped down our zip line, cooked food in the Pine Forest, and went on a treasure hunt for s’mores materials! We are grateful for such an adventurous and creative trips program!

Meanwhile, back at camp, we had a full week of morning, afternoon, and evening activities. Let’s take a few minutes to hightlight our Evening Activities of the Week.  On Monday, we played Three Legged Kick ball as well as a game of Thicket and Captain on Deck. The girls had plenty of time to run around, work as a team, and enjoy the splendor of camp. On Tuesday evening we had the pleasure of attending a Christian Science Lecture held in Glen Arbor and given by Mark McCurties, CS. The lecture highlighted the ideas of making meaningful change in our own lives and in the world. It was a pleasure to all travel together into town to hear this special lecture. On Wednesday, we had Church and our testimony meeting followed by our hymn sing. The CTs have the opportunity to put together the readings each week, and we always enjoy the result of this special work.  On Thursday evening we got everyone dressed up in costume for Halloween in July. Seeing the campers come up with their own creative outfits is always such a hoot, and they really enjoyed traveling to the various stations to enjoy the elements of Halloween. We had a costume contest, a trick or treat station, a musical chairs station, and so forth. On Friday we played a camp favorite- Dune Football. We had a beautiful night out at the Dunes and both the Sands and the Pines played hard as they mixed the game of football and capture the flag. The game resulted in a Sand victory. This brings us to the close of the Week day and on to our special weekend festivities. Saturday was a beautiful day to celebrate our independence! We participated in the Glen Arbor parade, had a picnic lunch, and spent the afternoon on the soccer field playing a variety of patriot games! We had cookie decorating, facepainting, American Idol patriotic song version, liberty ball (soccer with a beach ball), water balloon toss, and lastly a sand castle building competition on the beach. In the evening, we had a picnic dinner on the bluff overlooking the lake before heading out to Pyramid Point for the Wildwoods, and down to the beach for the Waukeenas.

What a wonderful second week of camp it was! Climbing the “Heights of Mind” has been a tremendous exploration!