Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2016

Another wonderful week at Kohahna comes to a close! Our campers were involved in so many wonderful activities and adventures. Some were on trips, some spent their days on the waterfront, and others spent time making projects, hitting targets and more. Everybody got to try new things and learn from one another in true Kohahna fashion.

Cabin day-

Our counselors planned exciting and thoughtful Cabin Days for the girls around camp. This is a great time for more bonding and just general fun for the girls to have with their cabins. This week, on Cabin Day, cabins went on beach adventures, competed in baking competitions, hung out with the horses, and made cabin t-shirts, just to name a few.  The girls always come back with lots of stories and jokes from their escapades.

Morning activities-

The campers jumped right into another week full of activities. The waterfront was beautiful (and not too chilly!) so Sailing, Kayaking and Swimming were all able to utilize our greatest asset—Lake Michigan! In Arts and Crafts, the focus this week was on American art, creating bald eagles from recycled toilet paper rolls and other projects in preparation for the Fourth of July. Horseback Riding traversed trails around camp, even coming all the way to North Star! Campers also worked on mastering basic walk and trot skills. In Landsports, the class practiced their skills on the soccer field. In other areas of camp, girls made lovely silversmithing projects, created dance routines, worked on tennis skills, climbed the rock wall and more.

Evening Activity:

The all-camp evening activities this week varied from active games to solving mysteries. We started the week with Big Base, a form of ­­­­­kickball, where the bases can hold an infinite number of people! On Tuesday, our dessert was mysteriously stolen and it was up to the girls of Kohahna to find it. To find the dessert we played a camp wide game of Clue. The girls completed different activities like a water balloon toss or a sing off in order to make a guess as to where the dessert was hidden. Of course, the campers figured it out (smart women!) and the night ended with brownies and ice cream. On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of heading into town for the testimony meeting at the Glen Arbor church. On Thursday, the girls played Superlatives where they competed to find out who has the longest hair, best dance move, best joke, and many other things. Afterwards, the Wildwoods attended a Christian Science lecture in Glen Arbor by Larissa Snorek-Yates while the Waukeenas had some fun time to play games and be with their cabinmates on camp. The week finished out with a picnic for Saturday night dinner and Water Polo at the shallows.


We got so many girls out in the woods this week! The CTs left us on Monday for a five-day canoeing trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the Manistique River. Two of the girls quarter-mastered the trip and they canoed over 50 miles. Closer to camp, three different overnight trips went out and had the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful area at and around camp during the week. On Tuesday, a group of girls went on an art overnight where they visited two art galleries and painted views from Glen Haven and Sleeping Bear National Park. They came home with beautiful watercolor scenes. On Thursday, the 8th graders biked 13 miles on the Heritage Trail and then camped at D H Day campground. Finally, on Friday, the two youngest cabins pitched tents in the Pine Forest and made M&M pancakes in the morning! It was exciting to have so many girls trying out trips this week!

Summer Theme: This week we focused on the Perfect God aspect of our ‘Perfect Principle’ summer theme. This paired very nicely with the Bible Lesson subject of ‘God’ this week! We examined how God is the source from which all good emanates. At our weekly group metaphysical we studied the first chapter of Genesis and discussed our true origin and being. This week’s study established a basis from which the rest of our discussions will grow—in the coming weeks we will be studying Perfect Man, Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, and Perfect Harmony!