Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2017

We had a very exciting week two at Kohahna! Every camper had the opportunity to go on a trip to locations around beautiful Northern Michigan ranging from the Upper Peninsula and North Manitou, to our very own Pine Forest on camp property. When campers were not on trips, they got to do some special activities such as Watercolor, Team Building, and Waterskiing. See below for more details about our fun week!

On our off-camp Cabin Day this week, campers spent the afternoon exploring the nearby town of Leland! Despite the rain, cabins still found unique activities to do and everyone enjoyed spending time together in a new place. Some cabins did a photo scavenger hunt, while others made friendship bracelets and read books aloud to one another.

This week we had a host of unique activities for campers to do before they left for their trip. Cabins spent their mornings doing team building initiatives in the Pine Forest and rock climbing, going waterskiing on Glen Lake, and painting the beautiful barns and landscapes on Port Oneida Road. Each cabin also had one morning to prepare for their trip. They learned about the planning, organizing, and packing processes that are necessary to lead a successful trip. The Morning Activity schedule this week gave each cabin the chance to bond more and practice effective teamwork before leaving for their respective trips!

The afternoons and evenings this week were altered slightly to accommodate the age and number of campers that were not on trips at the time. On Monday afternoon, we went to Empire where we hiked the Empire Bluffs Trail and spent some time on the playground at Empire beach. That evening’s activity was Brown Bag Skits, which are skits that each cabin creates based on a list of items that must be included in the skit. On Tuesday only the Waukeena campers were left in camp, so we spent a creative afternoon building fairy homes and had dinner and evening games on the beach. On Wednesday, we had off-camp Cabin Day and church in the evening where campers and counselors shared their gratitude and many testimonies of healing.

Thursday afternoon we went on a beach hike, which was then followed by some time exploring the town of Glen Arbor and playing on the playground. With all campers out on trips except for five Wildwoods, we spent the evening boating, swimming, and waterskiing on Glen Lake. On Friday we welcomed everyone back to camp, and spent a relaxing evening watching the Disney movie, Moana! Saturday afternoon we had a plethora of activities ranging from writing thank you notes for our support staff, playing Big Base (a game similar to kickball), and playing the “Newlywed” game where campers’ knowledge of their cabinmates was put to the test. That evening we played an all-time favorite – Capture the Flag! Everyone had a lot of fun playing a competitive game after the trips week, and the Sand team was victorious! We rounded out the week by having a Counselor Fashion Show on Sunday afternoon, for which each cabin is tasked with creating costumes for their counselors based on a theme assigned to them.

We had a myriad of trips go out this week at Kohahna! The CTs went on a five-day trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to canoe the Manistique River. Wildwood campers had the choice of going on a three-day trip to Nordhouse Dunes or a four-day trip to Grand Island in the Upper Peninsula. These were both hiking trips with time for beach exploration and learning about trips skills! The cabin of Evergreen went to North Manitou Island for two nights, while Falling Star and Driftwood traveled to Platte Plains for an overnight. The youngest campers in Gull’s Nest spent the afternoon riding bikes and catching minnows, and spent the night camping in the Pine Forest on camp property. This was a very exciting week for trips, and there was much

Campers had a lot of highlights to share after their full week of trips and other special activities! Some of these included exploring all the new places on trips, doing Brown Bag Skits for an Evening Activity, building fairy gardens with the Waukeenas, Waterskiing on Glen Lake, and having healings at camp and out on the trail. We had a fun-filled second week, and are looking forward to witnessing the growth that will occur in our final week of the three-week session!

This week during our weekly Saturday morning metaphysical, we discussed how we found connections between the summer theme, “Women of the Wilderness,” and the trips we went on. Many experiences from the trips were shared by campers and counselors that helped expand their understanding of God, and their relationship to Him. While learning about the K-Quality of the week – Sportsmanship – we looked at Mrs. Eddy’s passage from Science and Health, “The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same Principle, or Father; and blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.” We enjoyed hearing all of the insights shared about the spiritual sense of Sportsmanship!

We are very grateful to have everyone back in camp this week, and are excited to see all of the joy expressed during the last week of the three-week session!