Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2021

Well I’ll be darned, second week flew by faster than a jackrabbit wearing a jetpack! We started off the week with our classic Kohahna-Leelanau Sunday School in the morning, followed by an afternoon of Jazzercise and The Newlywed Game. In the evening we had Council Fire to celebrate the week, meet some legendary alumni, and look ahead into the week. Monday morning we started new morning activities and sent off two trips to the Upper Peninsula: the CT trip, which went to the Ontonagon River and the Porcupine Mountains, and a trip to Pictured Rocks. Tuesday’s main highlights included the Waukeenas playing Kick the Can in the Pine Forest and the Wildwoods playing Pumpkin Ball, a variation on baseball that uses a dodgeball instead of a real baseball. Everyone had a blast! Wednesday everyone enjoyed spending the afternoon with their cabins for Cabin Day. The Sky Team really brought their A-Game this day and planned some creative activities, including a scavenger hunt around Camp in search of a bandit named The Cookie Snatcher and an awkward family photoshoot in funny costumes.

Come Thursday, Mother Nature blessed us after a foggy start to the week with the sun coming out! Everyone took advantage of the sun in their Morning and Afternoon Activities, soaking up all of the warmth and light. We also welcomed back the Pictured Rocks trip and got to hear about all of their wonderful adventures in the Upper Peninsula. Finally, in the evening the cabins got together to create Brown Bag Skits, which are skits that must include a list of specific items and phrases decided by the counselors. Friday rolled around before we knew it and we welcomed back the CTs, making Camp full again! To celebrate having everyone back we played a couple rounds of a life-size version of Human Stratego. Saturday morning we had our traditional big Clean Up and bid farewell to the two-weekers. We’re so grateful they were here this summer and hope to see them in the future! North Star led the Afternoon Activity which was a field trip to Shalda Creek where the beach is actually big enough to hold all of us! And in the evening we all went to the backside of the dunes to play a fan favorite game: Dune Football!

It was another full week at Camp Kohahna for Girls. The summer sure is flying by — we can’t believe we’re already approaching week three! It has been a jam-packed, fun-filled session so far, and we only expect even more good to come as we finish off the session. Bring it on, third week!