Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2022

The second week of camp flew by and we are so grateful for such a wonderful week! We can’t believe that there is only one week left until we have to say goodbye to our three-weekers! Sunday was a perfect day with donuts for breakfast at North Star and full Sunday School classes. As an all camp activity, the girls played two rounds of Hunger Games. The competition and sportsmanship demonstrated was outstanding. It was fun to see everyone fully commit to the game. We finished the day with Cookout, sibling pictures (make sure to check them out on SmugMug), and of course, Council Fire.
On Monday, everyone started their new Morning Activities. A small group of campers left Monday morning for a hiking trip at Pictured Rocks and Monday evening we played an intense game of Soccer. Pines won the Wildwood game and Sands won the Waukeena game. On Tuesday the Wildwoods were able to attend a lecture by Tom McElroy on the topic of “Prayer”. We appreciated their insights on it after the lecture. During the lecture, the Waukeenas played Extreme Sardines and enjoyed an early bedtime.
Wednesday was a jam-packed day filled with Morning Activities, Cabin Day, and Wednesday Night Church. This Wednesday it was an on-camp Cabin Day and the cabins enjoyed activities like Paint Twister, Dune Sledding, a Tea Party, and Ziplining. Clifftop and Falling Star each went on an Overnight, one to girls’ council fire and the other to the DH Day Group Campground. Wednesday night church here at camp was inspiring as there were many great testimonies shared, and, as always, Hymn Sing was the perfect end to another wonderful Wednesday.
On Thursday we mixed up the schedule with a sleep-in! The Pictured Rocks campers returned in time for dinner, and we loved hearing all of their stories. Our Evening Activity was Brown Bag Skits. During this particular rendition of Brown Bag Skits, each cabin had a Bible story to act out, but they had random phrases, objects, and characters they had to include. So we had the pleasure of watching a spicy version of Daniel and the Lions Den, Noah in The Ark, the Last Supper and more. Good (and hilarious) times!
We finished the week right on Friday by ending the day with Newlyweds and… TRUNK CLEANING! Trunks were squeaky clean and ready for Saturday Inspection by the end of the night. On Saturday we said goodbye to our two-weekers and prepared for our CTs to leave for their canoeing trip early Sunday morning. The whole camp is looking forward to celebrating The Fourth of July and another awesome week of camp!