Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2010

Our last week of First Session was big with blessings! Monday morning four Wildwood campers hit the trails of Pictured Rocks. The camping trip was long and full of challenges, but all the girls enjoyed themselves greatly and learned many new outdoor skills. On camp we had the special treat of new morning activities and afternoon activities led by the CTs! The Evening Activity of soccer got everyone moving and spirited for their team!

Tuesday was a hot one! Girls in water activities were feeling pretty fortunate to enjoy our beautiful lakeshore. All day camp was buzzing with young woman preparing for the evening’s Talent Show. When 7:30 rolled around, we were all in for a wonderful treat. Campers of all ages performed a variety of artistic pieces. Camp enjoyed the fruitful practice of young singers, actors, and dancers.

To celebrate our more visually artistic campers, on Wednesday after lunch the Arts and Crafts room was turned into a gallery to show off various projects of campers who took arts classes in the past few weeks. All of camp was able to walk through and admire the talent of their fellow campers. Wednesday was also the final Cabin Day for First Session. Cabins took advantage of the off-camp day to travel to neighboring towns and have one last bonding session. Some Cabin Day activities included cherry picking for Windward, playing mini-golf for Falling Star, enjoying a relaxing afternoon in Leland for Clifftop, and several cabins made t-shirts together! As usual, we had a Wednesday Church Service led by one of our CTs. Many campers gave testimonies about healings at camp and gratitude for the summer.

On Thursday many campers we busily completing requirements to finish activity levels before the summer ended. Consequently, many girls spent the afternoon working towards specific activity goals like extra riflery practice, finishing silversmithing projects, or glazing ceramic projects. However, all of Kohahna’s Pines were busy on the Great House stage practicing for the annual Pine Show! Team shows are opportunities for all campers of a certain team to get together and plan a themed night of skits and dances for the other teams. This year the show was themed Saturday Night Pine. Skits included fake commercials and other spin-off ideas from Saturday Night Live.

Friday was the last full day of camp for the three-weekers. After regular morning routine, the girls had an afternoon of packing and goodbyes. The evening was a special treat. We had our First Half Final Banquet. We had a delicious gourmet pasta meal prepared by our kitchen, which was, of course, followed by nearly everyone’s favorite camp dessert–Mama Spatch. After a few awards we heard final remarks from Director Sue Pierce and enjoyed a slideshow of First Session prepared by our camp photographer. The night closed with all of camp heading into the Pine Forest for a special Pine Bow Ceremony, in which all of camp has the opportunity to share gratitude around a bonfire. Everyone went to sleep full of love and thankfulness.

Saturday morning we had to sadly wave our three-weekers goodbye. The rest of the morning was spent preparing for the Second Session, and in the afternoon we played games out on the lakefront with the seven-weekers. After a big Changeover Day Cook-Out, all of the seven weekers had the special opportunity to relax in a cottage on camp and watch a movie in their pajamas.

Sunday was another perfect opening day! Cars rolled in steadily, and once again, Kohahna Road echoed with shouts of excitement as friends saw each other for the first time since last year! It was a glorious day, and many campers headed down to the beach with their cabins after unpacking. We had a Cook-Out at the new Leelanau Lodge, and then headed up our forest path to Council Fire.

Council Fire this week was a real treat! Our circle was full of new faces from all across the country (and even abroad!)! In addition to having many fresh campers, several alumni visited for the night! They even presented an old song for us! Once again, the theme “The Real Me” was presented. Again, this summer’s theme is meant to inspire girls to learn how to live lives that best reflect their true Godlike identity all year round.

After introductions, cabin cheers, activity presentations, and even a couple games of Pickpocket, the campers heard presentations about this week’s “Real me” quality: Alertness. We shared with the girls that alertness is the quality of being ready. As young women wanting to make the most of life, we should all be alert to good opportunities that come our way through wide horizons, instead of only focusing on limited perspectives. We also shared with the campers how vital it is to take the initiative to choose actions that best fulfill their lives and to cut out temptations or habits that interfere with their joy. We closed the night with our Kohahna hymn and headed back down to camp to get some much needed sleep.