Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2012

Week Three was jam-packed with activity! Monday began with a farewell to ladies going on the Marquette Climbing Trip! Six campers got to experience camping, cooking, and rock-climbing during three days of wooded living! Meanwhile, back at camp, girls were starting fresh activities from Sailing to Glass Bead Making. In the afternoon, another trip—the Lake Ann “Triathlon,” complete with canoeing, a cooking challenge, and biking– set out for an overnight of activity! Back at Kohahna girls took advantage of the warm weather by participating in a lot of beach activities and finishing up summer projects. In the evening, Pines and Sands competed in team initiatives, and then all of camp had the treat of Zumba! Zumba is a dance-aerobic exercise that girls of all ages enjoyed!

Early Tuesday we had quite a bit of rain, but everything was clear for our morning activities! The day continued smoothly as Wildwood campers participated in a Womanhood talk/discussion facilitated by senior counselors. Waukeenas made gnome homes, practiced for the Talent Show, and played at the beach! At night everyone played an exciting game of Dune Football!

The Fourth of July started with a sleep-in and breakfast in the quad! Then Kohahna met up with Leelanau for flag—where our directors put on a funny skit and staged a revolution! Kids were running around camp chanting “U-S-A,” laughing, and working up an appetite for a picnic and face painting in the Leelanau Lodge.  Around noon, all of camp shipped out to Glen Arbor to sing, blow bubbles, and toss candy during the Glen Arbor parade. In the afternoon, campers divided into patriotic-themed co-ed teams to travel around our soccer field and beach playing games, such as an obstacle course, cookie decorating, and shooting down the waterslide. Everyone enjoyed Cook-out dinner before heading to Wednesday church. In the evening older girls and boys hiked up to the Sand Bowl for games, reflection, and to watch the sunset. The little ones had a bonfire on the beach and early bedtime after a full day of activity.

After the 4th of July celebrations, campers were heard saying, “I can’t believe there are only a couple days left!” So, Thursday, kids tried to finalize levels they were passing and explore new activities! That night the Pines had a special treat for us – the Pine Show! The show was hilarious, well-planned, and included quite a few memorable and creative dances.  After a camp dance party and cake, everyone said goodnight to prepare for the last full day of camp for First Half!

Friday was the final day for morning activities! Our afternoon was filled with the Talent Show and packing. The girls got a chance to sit down together by attending First Half Banquet.  Banquet is a chance for girls to receive recognition for any special achievements, spend a last dinner as a cabin, and watch a lively camp slideshow. We closed the night with a small Council Fire in the Pine Forest. Campers had the opportunity to share gratitude in our Pine Bow Ceremony, sang the Kohahna Hymn, and came together for a final Friendship Squeeze.

On Saturday we said goodbye to all of our three week campers– they will certainly be missed! Still, we loved welcoming a full camp of four week campers on Sunday! Camp was filled with joyful reunions as campers saw their cabin mates and counselors. Our Sunday tradition of Cookout (with Elbow Tag and Knockout, of course) was fun and delicious. Even though our first Council Fire had to move down to the Great House because of a quick rain shower, we still loved introducing everyone, singing Council Fire songs (a few favorites included “This Pretty Planet,” “Today,” and “Land of the Silver Birch”), and revealing the new members of the Sand and Pine team.

Monday is our first full day of camp, and we have already loved dipping in Lake Michigan and going to the Swim Test. Everyone who has already passed the Swim Test took a hike to b-e-a-utiful Pyramid Point. We know it’s going to be great week!