Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2014

What a glorious third week of camp it was! We had so many highlights it’s hard to just name a few! With the CTs back in camp from their CT trip during the second week of camp, it was fun to have their leadership during activities and in the cabins. The campers loved having the CTs move into cabins, and we had CTs in Stardust, Driftwood, Falling Star, and Juniper!

We had one big trip out this week, Pictured Rocks. Several Wildwood campers had the opportunity to hike through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the coast of Lake Superior. The trip left on Monday and returned home  Thursday in time to celebrate 3/4ths July (more details on that celebration to follow).  Back home, here at Kohahna, we made sure to have a week full of fun, growth, and a sense of completion to aspects of activity life, cabin life, and summer theme topics! On Monday evening we had a Pine vs. Sand soccer game that was competitive, supportive, and lighthearted. The Pine team was the first to score, with the Sand team capably following up, and ultimately winning the match 4-3.

On Tuesday we had our famed game of Superlatives where both teams had the opportunity to compete for things such as: which team has the girl with the longest hair, which team has the camper who can tell the funniest joke, make the funniest face, came from the farthest distance, has the best impersonation of a counselor, and so forth! It’s always a highlight for the girls, and a great way to show off the many talents of the Sand and Pine teams!

Wednesday brought rain and cool temperatures in the morning, but the sun broke through for an extra special off camp cabin day! We had campers travel to Leland, Glen Arbor, and even one that stayed at camp for an on camp adventure! The evening brought another lovely church service, testimony meeting and hymn sing! Many campers and counselors shared healings and remarks on Christian Science that served as inspiration for all.

All week long we did regular morning activities, and with so many girls trying to wrap up level passing, it seemed only right to continue that! So Thursday morning, we opened our flag raising ceremony with the passing out of Red, White, and Blue necklaces in honor of 3/4ths July (the name we gave to the celebration of the 4th of July on the 3rd of July!). We then had a “normal morning” which included regular morning activities. At noon everything turned celebratory with the start of a picnic lunch. Following lunch and rest hour, both Leelanau and Kohahna joined together on the soccer field for an afternoon of holiday fun! We had face painting, pony rides, fire building competitions (who could build a fire fastest and burn through a twine tied together on two sticks above the fire), hula hooping and patriotic song singing, water balloon tossing, and an obstacle course! After these events, we all went down to the beach for a patriotic sand castle building competition and a paddle board relay race – so much fun! We had another cook out dinner with both camps together followed by an extra long game of elbow tag! The Seniors and the Wildwoods went off to Pyramid Point and the Sand Bowl for a hike, a sunset viewing, and some gratitude sharing! The Waukeenas and Juniors went down to the camp beach to play tag, have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, do sparklers, and just generally enjoy the beautiful beach and warm weather. All in all the day was hugely successful and lots of fun! We loved the novelty of 3/4th July!

Friday was final day of the three week session, so we made it the best! Morning activities were a success once again, and everyone was able to wrap up projects and level passing! We also had our three week Dance/Drama/Art show where the visual arts were beautifully displayed. Three dances from dance class were performed, one drama scene, and all the ceramics, silversmithing, and arts & crafts projects were all laid out down in the Art Room. Following the show, we had a packing party in the cabins, which led into preparation for our three week Final Banquet. At the banquet, we had a delicious dinner, which was topped off with the ever favorite dessert – mamma spatch (Brownie base, vanilla ice cream layer, Oreos or M&Ms, or some variety of candy topping). At the banquet we gave out a series of awards – honor cabin, longevity awards, K-Girl, Sportsmanship balls, and so forth! We also played our slideshow and remarks were made to close up thoughts on the summer theme. Lastly, we went to the Pine Forest to have our Pine Bough ceremony where each camper is given the opportunity to share gratitude! It’s a beautiful way to wrap up the summer and the evening in general! So much good is always expressed and it is evident that there is an abundance of love and gratitude for family, for camp, for the sisterhood here at Kohahna, and for God!

To wrap up the ideas of the summer theme, we shared in the three week session that “Bringing the Fun” is the recognition of spiritual joy; living it and safeguarding it! We covered two specific elements of the theme which were patience and forgiveness. In the coming weeks we will talk about gratefulness, obedience, and selflessness as three other elements to living with spiritual joy! It was truly a three week session of immense beauty and blessings, and Kohahna girls have grown that much more, become more confident and aware, and are ready to bring the fun when they head back home too!