Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2015

Greetings family and friends! We are happy to share with you that this first session has been a blast! The weather here has largely been warm, sunny, and blissful, with a 99.9% chance of Kohahna pep.

The week kicked off with a beautiful clear day that began with some chilly morning dips. Taking advantage of the weather, campers and counselors partook in afternoon activities such as a “Mystery Water Activity” (which turned out to be tubing), a ceramics Glaze-a-Palooza, a Dip-a-thon (which included driving to several lakes for dips and swims), a Port Oneida bike ride, and kite making. That evening the Wildwoods headed to Glen Lake to tromp around in the shallows and play a classic and much anticipated game of Water Polo, while the Waukeenas ascended the sand dunes of Sleeping Bear! The sands won Water Polo!

Tuesday, yet another day with conditions perfect for having a fantastic time at Kohahna, included activities such as KOH HGTV, or the Kohahna version of HGTV’s DIY network. This included painting and decorating chairs and flower pots! Other activities were Silversmithing, Boogie Wonderland, and a beach extravaganza. That day, several campers rehearsed for a short play put on by our drama counselor which included 17 campers! The show was performed on Friday and was very well done!  That afternoon, horseback riders embarked for a Horseback Riding overnight, which would return the following morning. In the evening, Sands and Pines ventured up to The Meadow for a game of Capture the Flag. It was a spirited game with many raids, and great defense. The defense was so great that neither team got a flag, leaving the game to end in a tie.

On Wednesday we had Cabin Day! Activities that day included beach day fun, cooking in the kitchen, doing some groovy tie-dye, paddle boarding, shirt decorating via paint war in the Pine Forest, a Phantom of the Opera themed scavenger hunt, and baking! The day was wrapped up with both a Testimony Meeting and Hymn Sing.

Thursday began with what was rumored to be the most pleasant dip of the entire session so far! That afternoon, campers took Glen Lake Boat-o’s (photography on the ski boat), did some barn beautifying, participated in Glaze-mazing ceramics glazing, finished up projects in Silversmithing, or took a beach walk. That evening the Sands put on an incredibly entertaining Sand Show! They wove in all of the K-qualities and the summer theme into a very entertaining story of rescuing Princess Kohahna from being kidnapped! We ended the evening with the ever fun dance party!

Friday was our final day of camp for the 3 weekers! It was a gorgeous day full of our normal morning activities, and then a special bout of shows and festivities in the afternoon and evening. We had our art show, dance show, and the play to highlight the activities of drama, dance, arts and crafts, Ceramics, and Silversmithing. We also had our 3 week banquet full of delicious food, special gifts, awards, and a slideshow of pictures. Lastly, we had our Pine Bough ceremony where campers and counselors got to share gratitude and love of camp! We were blessed with such a special start to summer!

As our 3 weekers have left,  we are grateful to know that we have worked diligently to climb The Heights of Mind