Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2017

The final week of the three-week session at Kohahna was full of exciting activities, growth, and camp spirit! Some highlights from the week include celebrating the Fourth of July, playing Water Polo, watching or performing the Sand Show, and Final Banquet.

For our final Cabin Day of the session, Wildwood cabins that were on trips last week had the opportunity to head off-camp. Cabins explored Glen Haven, completed a scavenger hunt in Glen Arbor, and went flower picking! Meanwhile, the Waukeena cabins stayed on camp where they went on the zip line, had a spa day, went on a hike on camp property, and played extreme hide and seek around camp.

There was incredibly high energy on Tuesday this week when we celebrated the Fourth of July! The day began with a normal morning of cabin Clean-Up and Quiet Time, then we held a mock revolution in which our very own camp directors played the king and queen of England. As the revolutionaries, the campers had to work together to win their freedom from the royal family! Post-revolution, we got our faces painted, played patriotic games, and dressed up to prepare for the rest of the day’s festivities!

The big event of the morning was being a part of the annual parade in Glen Arbor. We joined excited groups of revelators from around the area, including Glen Arbor’s very own “kazoo corps”, some Elvis impersonators, and fans from both the University of Michigan and Michigan State. In the parade, the Waukeena section rode in the Big Blue Bus while the Wildwood section walked in front. Both groups had a fun time singing camp songs and waving to all the crowds!

The afternoon celebrations centered around several small teams of Kohahna and Leelanau campers doing a whole host of activities ranging from water balloon dueling, seed spitting contests, relay races, mini soccer, and minute to win it games. After these activities, we headed down to the beach to enjoy some refreshing time in the water before dinner!

In the evening, the camps split up, and the Waukeenas & Juniors went to the beach while the Wildwoods & Seniors went on a hike to the Sand Bowl. At the beach, the campers enjoyed swimming, making s’mores, and playing games. At the Sand Bowl, the Wildwoods & Seniors watched the sunset and played games that helped them get to know each other.

It was a sunny and beautiful day filled with many patriotic activities! Fourth of July at camp is always a highlight for many!

We had several full Morning Activity classes this week with many highlights!

Waterskiers got to go out on an early morning ski on Glen Lake. In Horseback Riding and Drama, CTs and advanced campers practiced teaching alongside the counselor. Campers in Dance and Drama spent the week choreographing and practicing their dances and skits for the show they put on for the whole camp. We enjoyed seeing the final product of the Dance and Drama classes in an excellent performance on Friday afternoon!

For our first evening activity this week, the Wildwoods played Water-Polo in the shallows of Little Glen Lake while the Waukeenas had a great time running down, jumping off, and playing in the sand at the dune climb. On Tuesday, our evening consisted of 4th of July celebrations, and Wednesday evening we had another inspiring church service with readings graciously prepared by one of our CTs. Campers shared many testimonies that illustrated God’s goodness and His healing work.

Thursday, the Sand Team put on their annual show (with the Pine show to follow next session). The show featured skits, dancing, and two kick lines! The premise of the show was that there were seven superheroes who lost their powers, and each of them had to learn something about one of the seven K-Qualities to get their powers back. To do this, Wonderwoman brought them to Kohahna! The superheroes interacted with campers and counselors as they went about their day at Kohahna. At the end of the show, the Sand Wildwoods performed an epic kick line dance!

The week wrapped up on Friday with our three-week Final Banquet and a Pine Bough ceremony. At Final Banquet, the camp enjoyed a delicious meal and heard about awards and achievements from this session and this week—including activity level achievements, K-girls, and perfect dippers. At the Pine Bough ceremony, we gathered around a fire in the Pine Forest and shared our gratitude.

In this week’s all-camp metaphysical, we studied Mary Baker Eddy in conjunction with our “Women of the Wilderness” theme. We discussed the role she played as a woman discovering Christian Science, and how she demonstrated dominion over the wilderness situations she endured. The K-Quality we focused on this week was Persistence! We started by talking about how being persistent includes proving our spiritual dominion in all that we do. Mary Baker Eddy writes in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “The Christian Scientist wisely shapes his course, and is honest and consistent in following the leadings of divine Mind” (458:25-28). It is divinely natural for us to persistently listen to and follow divine Mind!