Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2019

Wow! What an exciting 3rd week of camp!! We wrapped up the 3-week session with some brand new activities, some cherished classics, and the Fourth of July. On Sunday we played Human Stratego and enjoyed a Cook-Out dinner with Leelanau. Later that evening at Council Fire, the girls shared songs about their trips from the previous week, played “the Stick Game,” and learned more about the importance of integrity.

This week some of the campers had the opportunity to take Blacksmithing for the first time in Kohahna history! The girls learned how to heat metal in a forge, properly hammer it, and transform it into hooks. We also offered an afternoon activity of sailing on Glen Lake for the inaugural voyage on the new RS Quest Sailboats, Sundance and Beauregard. Additionally, some campers partook in an outdoor cooking activity, in which they learned how to make gourmet meals over a fire. It was special to be able to participate in these new activities and we are so grateful for the new experiences.

On Monday evening Kohahna ventured down Port Oneida to the Backside of the Sleeping Bear Dunes for Dune Football. It was a great game full of well-planned raids and good defense from both teams, but ended with a win for the Sands. On Tuesday we hosted the first Kohahna Spelling Bee with multiple rounds of words, increasing in difficulty as the Bee progressed. The girls enjoyed dressing up as different characters to participate in the Bee. Wednesday consisted of Off-Camp Cabin Days tubing, flower picking, and shooting the culverts followed by Church and Hymn Sing.

The week increased in excitement as the Fourth of July fell on Thursday. Rather than following the daily schedule, we spent the entire day celebrating. It started off with patriotic face painting, adorning ourselves with red, white, and blue stars, fireworks, and flags before heading to the parade in Glen Arbor. After a briefing that outlined the mission for our Avengers themed afternoon activity, both Kohahna and Leelanau were off to Glen Arbor to walk in the parade. The campers of both camps spent the afternoon moving through a series of stations within teams with a super-hero counselor, fighting to protect American heritage from the supervillains (a.k.a North Star and HQ). The activity culminated in the epic defeat of the villains, the salvation of America, and a swim in Lake Michigan. In the evening, the younger girls went to the beach to swim again, play some more, and enjoy a bonfire with s’mores. The older girls headed up to Pyramid Point and the Sand Bowl to play games and reflect on the amazing day as the sun set.

Friday of Week Three was the culmination of the three week session. There was an Art Show displaying all of the incredible crafts the campers made in Silversmithing, Ceramics, and Arts and Crafts followed by a Drama show with several monologues and group skits. We loved watching the campers shine both on stage and next to their amazing crafts. In the evening, Kohahna gathered for Banquet to dine together and celebrate the achievements of the session and the week. This was followed by the Pine Bow Ceremony, in which campers and counselors individually share gratitude.

We are so sad to see the three weekers leave, but we know they are coming home with many happy memories, funny stories, a closer relationship to God, and so much growth. It has been such a pleasure to spend this time with your girls and to witness all of their achievement. Thank you for sharing them with us!