Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2022

What another whirlwind of a week! We can’t believe that the first session is coming to an end already.
The Fourth of July was packed with super fun activities! Everyone at both Camps Leelanau and Kohahna got to be a part of the parade in Glen Arbor. The Waukeenas were in the Big Blue Bus and threw candy at everyone while the Wildwoods walked together singing camp songs throughout the whole parade. In the afternoon they got to do a plethora of activities. They got to do an obstacle course, play in a Zorb Ball, go down the Water Slide, decorate cookies, get their faces painted, and spit watermelon seeds. We finished the day with Cookout and both Leelanau and Kohahna campers doing Council Fire games in the Lodge.
On Tuesday the campers began a normal week, starting new Morning Activities and signing up for some fun Afternoon ones. Our Evening Activity was Human Stratego, since our CTs were not there we got to see the oldest campers take a larger leadership role in their absence. We were so impressed by the way they led kindly and confidently.
Every cabin got to do their last Cabin Day together off camp property on Wednesday. Cabins went tubing, on nature scavenger hunts, played on the playground at Old Settlers Park, and so much more. When they got back on the bus there were a lot of smiling faces with ice cream cones or soda bottles in their hands. Of course, we had a great Wednesday Night Church ending with a Hymn Sing with the Leelanau boys.
On Thursday it was… SEAFARERS DAY! We were so excited to do our first themed day of the summer. The counselors planned an epic day where we got to dress up as mermaids, pirates, sailors, anything you could think of. For Afternoon Activity we did Camp Appreciation with Sea-themed names. The girls signed up to write thank you notes to our support staff, muck, pick up fish at the beach, and more activities to beautify Camp. In the evening, we played Clue, and of course it was sea themed.
We can’t believe it is the last full day of Camp for most of these girls! They will truly be missed. On Friday we had a normal morning followed by a Packing Party in the afternoon. We ended the night with Final Banquet and Pine Bows. Each cabin got to pick a theme to dress up for the banquet. We got to see lots of Pippis, underwater creatures, multiples of counselors, hippies, and more! It was so fun to see everyone so excited to dress-up with their cabin and get creative.
On Saturday we said farewell to our 3-weekers! We are so grateful for all they did to be a part of camp and to help cultivate a positive and loving environment. While we were so sad to see them go, we are so excited to welcome the 4-weekers on Sunday. We are more than ready for the beginning of the new session and all the wonderful growth and joy that will occur over the next four weeks.
Much Love,
North Star