Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2011

Although we were sad to say goodbye to our three-week campers, we were thrilled to welcome the four-week campers. As they arrived on Sunday morning, their counselors and cabinmates greeted them with enthusiastic hugs. After moving into full, cozy cabins, the campers enjoyed our traditional Sunday night Cookout, which was of course followed by rousing games of Elbow Tag and Knockout.  During the first Council Fire of the session, we re-introduced the summer theme of “Living Love.” During Week One, we learned that “Love is the law and the liberator,” and throughout Weeks Two and Three, we focused on expressing Love through kindness and unselfishness, respectively.  In this week’s skit, “Lieutenant Love” came to “liberate” campers from the bonds of things like pride, insecurity, jealousy, fear, and anxiety and replaced those qualities with humility, faith, joy, peace to name a few. During the rest of Council Fire, our brand-new campers learned whether they were on the Pine or Sand team, cabins performed cheers, and the Pines and Sands challenged each other to a game of Pickpocket.

On Monday morning, campers swam, treaded, and floated at Bar Lake. Those campers who had already passed the Swim Test were able to enjoy a hike to Pyramid Point. In the afternoon, cabins had bonding time and established personal goals for the summer. Campers were very excited to begin their first week of Morning Activities: the Riflery class showed impressive persistence and patience with their shooting, the Landsports class focused on basketball, and the Canoeing class canoed the Crystal River. In Arts & Crafts, campers created Japanese-inspired origami decorated plates. In Camp Crafts, girls prepared cheesy scrambled eggs over their fire. Another highlight from Morning Activities was having a Kohahna camper work on barefoot and slalom waterskiing for her Expert level. Impressive! Not only did we have a full week of Morning Activities, we also had many active Evening Activities, including our favorites of Bombardment, Soccer, and Water Polo. Another camp favorite was Lip Sync! Cabins sang along to Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Micheal Buble, and lots of Taylor Swift!

Several campers were able to go on overnight camping trips this week to Sand Lakes Quiet Area and Platte Plaines. There was even an overnight trip for kayakers!  On Cabin Day, we traveled to Glen Arbor and Leland, two of our favorite nearby towns. Some cabins did a photo scavenger hunt, other cabins went tubing and waterskiing, and others had a fun time on the beach.  All of the cabins enjoyed spending time together (and they loved having ice cream too!).

This week, we announced two special events for the session: the Challenge and the musical! The Challenge is a competitive camping trip between the Pines and the Sands where campers and staff members create a home for themselves in the woods, play Capture the Flag, and cook meals. The Challenge departs on Wednesday of 5th week and returns on Saturday. In preparation for our all camp musical, we have already held auditions, cast the parts, and begun rehearsing for this summer’s performance of Oliver. We can’t wait to see the show! In addition to these Afternoon Activities, we also have had afternoons of “caroling” around camp, doing beach pilates, and reading an inspirational article, “The Simplicity and Profundity of Love,” to develop our theme of “Living Love.”  Speaking of spiritual inspiration, a huge highlight from the week was hearing two lectures from Leelanau Alum, Chet Manchester, CS who is a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. Chet spoke some of our older campers about love and relationships and then to a wider audience about finding our purpose. What a busy first week it has been! We can’t wait for three more!