Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2012

Our first week of camp was full of achievement and highlights, which the campers shared at Council Fire last night. Here are just a few of the things they shared as highlights from the week:

Sailing for the first time

Counselor Hunt

Katniss Training (from The Hunger Games)

Waterskiing at sunrise

Getting up on water skis for the first time!

Cabin Day (making brownies in the kitchen)

Doing a ‘solo empty’ in Canoeing

Going on a TRIP toSandLake

Playing Beach Volleyball

Random laughs in the cabin

Lip Sync!

My counselor

Canoeing rapids on theBoardmanRiver

Going tubing

Brown Bag Skits

Barefoot waterskiing

Fun times and laughs during Landsports

Kayaking to the shipwreck off Pyramid Point

Getting a bulls-eye in Archery

Cantering in Horseback Riding

Breakfast Trail Ride

Preparing a dance for the Talent Show

Rock Climbing

Paddleboarding with my sister

Book Reading in the barn

We certainly did have a full week of highlights! There was a ton of Kohahna achievement in our Morning Activities. Here’s what the counselors shared during Council Fire:

Swimming: Two campers passed their Expert!! They had to teach the activity all week, tread water for thirty minutes, do 100 yards of butterfly, and much more!

Dance: Campers prepared dances for the Talent Show and loved playing Freeze Dance.

Riding: Practiced cantering and jumping in the advanced class, plus did a few trail rides.

Silversmithing: Had so many creative projects!

Landsports: A camper taught basketball for her Expert and the campers also played volleyball.

Ceramics: Two fun projects included a sculpture of a troll and the slab box with the camper’s family carved on it.

Archery: Campers had a visit from Katniss, and 8 campers passed Beginner this week!

Climbing: Most of the girls were brand new to rock climbing and had a blast.

Tennis: Everyone had a great attitude, including five campers who had never played tennis before, and they were persistent and patient, too.

Arts and Crafts: The campers loved using new watercolor paint and making room decorations.

Drama: The drama class played new improv games and worked on developing their own characters.

Waterskiing: Everyone was so helpful on the boat and encouraging to their friends, plus, two campers were able to get up on one ski!

Camp Crafts: Yum! They made ice tea with wild mint leaves, homemade granola, and brownies! Plus they learned how to pack for camping trips, practiced building fires, and lashed a structure using just logs, a saw, and twine. They even practiced starting fires by using a flint and steel tool.

Kayaking: Campers were enthusiastic about doing ‘wet exits’ and flipping Leelanau boys off their paddleboards.

It was a great week! We’re looking forward to another one!