Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2014

Welcome to camp new and returning campers! What a wonderful introduction this week has been to the second session at Kohahna! Opening day was complete with sunshine and the happy joy of seeing returning friends and cabin mates. The day was capped by cookout and council fire where girls were the new campers were introduced to their Kohahna teams (sand and pine), and the four weekers were introduced to our summer theme: Bring the Fun!

As always, we started the week with the swim test at Bar Lake. The day was a bit chilly, but the girls pushed through in order to be able to be swim safe and participate in various water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, and waterskiing. Soon, we got into the swing of things, the weather warmed up, and the usual shenanigans began! Afternoon activities this week included fairy house building where children built small stick homes in order to provide shelter for the gnomes and fairies of the pine forest. Additionally, campers ventured down to the clay pits where they created their own mud masks and let the clay squish between their toes! Campers also had the opportunities to visit the Pierce Stocking Drive scenic outlook, participate in Challenge preparation, take an afternoon waterski, paint and bath the horses, practice working on the wheel in ceramics, do extreme karaoke, create mod podge crafts, play extreme spoons, and make cozy forts on a rainy day.

We kicked off evening activities this week with a fun, competitive game called Bombardment. Bombardment is essentially a game of sand versus pines dodge ball and is a camper favorite. This week, the Wildwoods tied, but Waukeena pines won three games to one. On Tuesday, the camp participated in a counselor fashion show. Campers were assigned a theme, and then dressed up their counselors according to that theme. At the fashion show, counselors strutted their stuff to music and were cheered by the cabins! And of course, after the fashion show we had the requisite dance party where the campers showed off their dance moves and capped off the night with brownies and milk.

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful Wednesday night church meeting filled with gratitude and wonderful testimonies. On Thursday, we played a traditional game of Water Polo at the Glen Lake shallows. It was the perfect evening for this special game as there was no wind, the air was a pleasant temperature, the water was calm and warm and the girls played with fierce, yet loving and considerate competition. The sands won this evening activity 4-3.

On Friday, the girls hiked to pyramid point, the beautiful dune lookout over Lake Michigan. It was a fun, peaceful moment, where the girls were able to reflect on the week and give gratitude for our beautiful home. After Pyramid Point, all headed over to the Sand Bowl to run down the dunes and check out the 180 degree view of the vast blueness of Lake Michigan.

On Saturday, Kohahna and Leelanau were fortunate enough to listen to Christian Science lecturer Joshua Niles, CS, who gave a talk on harmony and how a state of peace is an inherent and natural part of our lives. Additionally, he touched on the idea that we are complete with a higher sense of being, and that we can acknowledge that divine sense of individuality within ourselves and with others. After taking a break to reflect on the talk, the KOH girls prepared for the annual Lip Sync! Lip Sync this year was a hit, complete with songs from artists such as Pentatonix, Vanilla Ice, Disney’s Frozen, and High School Musical.

In addition to wonderful activities this week, cabin day was a complete success! Cabins spent quality time together on camp painting flower pots, hiking, having a spa day, making cabin rings in Silversmithing, completing low ropes initiatives, baking cookies, participating in a treasure hunt, playing minute to win it challenges such as chubby bunny and the Oreo challenge, doing the high ropes course, enjoying paint twister, and creating hair wraps. We are having our usual summer fun here at Kohahna, and it’s been perfect! This coming week we have our Challenge trip going out (Wednesday to Sunday), which is a competitive camping trip for the Wildwood campers. Back home, we will have a variety of really fun activities to keep the pace up and continue bringing the FUN!!