Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2016

Hooray for the Four-Week Session!! Hooray for Kohahna sisters! We are off to a great start this week, and it’s been full and fun! Below is a synopsis of some of our activity and highlights from the week!

Morning Activities-

Kohahna’s first week of activities was packed full! Lake Michigan was alive this week and provided us with multiple big, wavy days. The Waterfront activities decided to band together on Wednesday, after two non-boating days, and they all headed to School Lake to practice their canoeing skills. Many girls got the chance to participate in Camp Crafts, where they worked on mastering flint and steel fires, whittling fuzz sticks, making wet wood fires and more. In Tennis, after a few weeks of teaching and persistent practice, we had a CT pass her Expert. In our arts activities, campers continued to craft creative, beautiful projects.

Evening Activities-

This week was full of classic Kohahna evening activities- some even with a new twist! Monday started out with Bombardment, Kohahna’s version of dodge ball.  The Sand Wildwoods won their match overall and the Pine Waukeenas won their match overall. Tuesday evening we performed “Brown Bag Skits,” an activity where campers get to create skits based on a list of random items given to the different cabins. Each skit is different, but the same items are incorporated into the skits-it’s always comical and fun! Wednesday we had a lovely church service led by one of our CTs, and a Kohahna hymn sing afterwards. We spent Thursday night playing “Newlyweds” where campers were tested on their knowledge of their cabinmates. Campers in the cabin were questioned separately from their cabinmates and when they returned we got to see which cabinmates got the most correct matching answers. The cabin of Breezeway won this competition.  On Friday, the girls played Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, clad in their green and yellow. The highlight of the week for many was our Saturday night Lip Sync show. The girls had two hours to create a routine to a song of their choice, lip-syncing the lyrics the whole way through. We had cabins perform everything from Michael Jackson to One Direction. So much fun was had!

Cabin Day (Wednesday of each week)-

Our campers spent their first Cabin Day of the four-week session bonding around camp! It was a hot, windy, wavy day and many of the cabins took advantage of the magnificent waves and spent a solid portion of time playing in the water. Many cabins took part in a spa day, painting nails, using masks and visiting the clay pits. The sixth graders in Juniper made a music video around camp, dressing up and planning the routine themselves. Other cabins took advantage of the low ropes course and initiatives, spending their afternoon team building. The girls came away from the day feeling more unified as individual cabins- just like we had hoped!


Almost half of the camp was out in the woods this week! Three different overnights were taken out. First, the Nature class planned an overnight where they tromped around the woods and created stories about the things they observed. On Thursday, the 6th , 7th , and 8th graders took part in our annual ‘Kangaroo’ trip where they spent the day in the woods learning how to lash and dabbled in outdoor cooking in preparation for their years to come on The Challenge (competitive camping trip). Finally, in preparation for this year’s Challenge, the Sand/Pine captains and their right hand ladies participated in the Gourmet Overnight. This gave each team a chance to try out some of their more difficult recipes for the coming week. We look forward to hearing about all the growth and fun that is had out on the Challenge this coming week!

Weekend Fun:

On Saturday morning we had out first extended clean-up for the session. Most cabins passed the inspection, and many girls earned team points by receiving a “0” (no points off) on their personal inspection! We are proud of our clean camp of girls! On Saturday afternoon we had a Christian Science talk given by a local practitioner on the practicality of Christian Science. All of Leelanau and Kohahna attended the talk and the fruitage was bountiful! On Sunday we had a rainy day, which was perfect for Musical Cabins. Seven teams of campers were given a list of fun facts in groups of threes. Within their team, the girls went around from cabin to cabin to ask counselors questions to uncover which fun facts went with each given counselor. We learned a lot about the Sky team, and had a blast!

Summer Theme:  With the start of Second Session, we opened our week with a metaphysical talk about our summer theme- “Our Perfect Principle”. A recap was given about the topics already covered- Perfect God and Perfect Man. Through looking at specific Bible stories and passages from Science and Health we all got to see and understand more about Principle and His purpose for us. Next we will learn about Perfect Love!!

Thanks for reading- we are sending our love from our Kohahna home to YOU!