Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2017

The Four-Week Session is in full swing!! We loved welcoming new and returning Kohahna sisters on opening day! This week has been full of cabin bonding time, learning in Morning Activities, and doing some of our favorite Evening Activities. Below is a synopsis of some of our activities and highlights from the week!

Our first week of activities was packed! We saw every waterfront activity in action with some beautiful days for Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Swimming! The Waterskiing class also had several days of calm water on Glen Lake. Back on land there were many girls learning how to build fires and cook in the woods during Camp Crafts, learning all about the outdoors in Nature, and honing their marksmanship skills in Archery and Riflery. Campers also showcased their artistic abilities in many activities! In Ceramics campers made several pots, tiles, and mugs. The Dance and Drama classes choreographed and rehearsed their dances and skits that will be performed for the entire camp at the end of the session. The Silversmithing class made rings, a crown, and pendants for family members and themselves. It was an exciting week for Morning Activities, and we’re looking forward to the next three weeks of learning new skills and having a blast trying new things!

This week was full of camp favorites for evening activities! Monday started out with Bombardment, Kohahna’s version of dodgeball. Tuesday evening we played Clue! Counselors played characters from the well-known board game, and were stationed in different places around camp. Each counselor had a “task” such as a team-building initiative or a game for every group of campers to complete. Upon completion of the task, the group could ask a question in hopes of solving the mystery of who stole the dessert. It was a creative and fun activity! Wednesday we had a lovely church service led by one of our CTs, and a hymn sing afterwards.

We spent Thursday evening playing another camp favorite- Dune Football! There was a lot of action on both sides, and everyone had a blast running the dunes and representing their team. Friday evening we played the Newlywed game and Superlatives. During the Newlywed game, campers get to test their knowledge of their cabinmates. Campers in the cabin were questioned separately from their cabinmates and when they returned we got to see which cabinmates got the most correct matching answers. During Superlatives, the girls competed to find out who has the longest hair, best dance move, best joke, and many other things. The highlight of the week for many was our Saturday night Lip Sync show. The girls had two hours to choreograph a dance to a song of their choice, lip-syncing the lyrics the whole way through. We had cabins perform everything from Moana to One Direction. All the cabins were in costume to perform their lip sync, and the competition was judged by three counselors in character, which always gives everyone a good laugh! The cabin of Trail’s End got the highest score, and they were declared the winner! Lastly, on Sunday we joined together for Council Fire after our all camp game of Human Stratego on Sunday afternoon!

Our campers spent their first Cabin Day of the four-week session bonding off-camp! Cabins spent the afternoon exploring the nearby town of Leland, flower-picking in Omena, canoeing the Crystal River, tubing on beautiful Glen Lake, and doing good deeds and a photo scavenger hunt in Glen Arbor. The weather was gorgeous, and the girls came away from the day feeling more unified as individual cabins!

On Friday night, all the sixth and seventh grade campers spent the night on camp’s back property for the Kangaroo Trip! On the overnight, everyone practiced the skills that they will need once they are old enough to go on the Challenge, which is a Sand versus Pine competitive camping trip. They sawed logs, lashed, built structures, cooked dinner over an open fire, and played capture the flag in the woods. It was a fun learning experience for everyone!

We are also looking forward to the Challenge going out next week from Wednesday to Saturday! The captains of the Sand and Pine teams have been working hard preparing for the trip, and we can’t wait to hear about their experiences next week at Council Fire.

This week during our all-camp metaphysical on Saturday, counselors split up into small groups to offer discussions on many different topics in Christian Science. Some of these topics included: handling fear, having confidence in Christian Science, talking about what God is, and realizing our true source of beauty as women of Substance. Waukeenas and Wildwoods then got to pick which topic they wanted to learn more about, and joined that discussion. We greatly enjoyed hearing the insights and questions campers had to share, and were very happy to be a part of such an uplifting metaphysical!

Thanks for reading – we are very grateful for all the good from the first week of the four-week session!