Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2018

We had such an awesome week 4 over here at KOH! Our 7 weekers welcomed the 4 weekers back and new campers to Camp with open arms and got started on having fun right away.

We started the 4 week session with our Sunday Council Fire where we did a lot of cheering (K-O-H-A-H-N-A cheer, cabin cheers, team cheers) did a lot of singing (Friends, A Poor and Carefree Stranger, and Land of the Silver Birch) and our new campers were visited by Mother Nature and were placed on either the Pine or Sand team. We wrapped up the evening around the Council Fire ready for next 4 weeks ahead!

This week was an On-Camp Cabin Day that featured some “cookie baking with a twist” (cookie baking but where a cabinmate stands behind you and plays the role of your arms. It’s pretty funny stuff) as well as Initiatives, giant sand castle building, and raft wars. Other cabins played a pirate game on the lake that ended in some discovered treasure, there was a cabin Bootcamp as well as some craft projects. Our KOH counselors sure know how to put on a good Cabin Day.

We had a full week of morning activities this week. From fire building in the Pine Forest, to making waves on the slalom course on Glen Lake, to cantering around the riding ring. We made good use of the tennis court, the riflery and archery range as well as the beaver pond down the road for Nature class.  We spent a lot of time on beautiful Lake Michigan- sailors, swimmers, kayakers and canoers all enjoyed the (mostly) calm waters of 4th week. Up at the Greathouse, many silver projects were made in Silversmithing, improv games and monologue work were done in Drama, there were many clay creations and use of the  pottery wheel in Ceramics as well as many crafty projects done in Arts & Crafts. There was so much achievement going on in activities this week that I would need a whole other section of the website to include all of it.

We started Evening Activities out with the classic favorite, Sands Vs. Pines bombardment game! On Tuesday evening the Sands and Pines put on their best camo gear and war paint and played Capture the Flag in the woods. We had a great Wednesday church service prepared by the CTs and on  Thursday evening we played Sands vs. Pines Superlatives. Some of the questions included, who has the best interpretive dance? Who is the best hair braider? Just to name a few. On Friday we played a seafarer themed Clue game where the goal was to figure out who ran off with little Izzie and Maggie. Some of the characters included Erika the Great, pirate Anne Bonny as well as Ariel. In the end, the culprits were Calypso and Sedna Inuit Sea Goddess, with Doodle’s bike at Boy’s Bowl. The team “SPF 30” were the ones to figure out all the clues first and Maggie and Izzie, after a canoe ride, were safely returned to the beach.

This week 10 ladies set of for the Upper Peninsula to hike along the shores of Lake Superior in one of our favorite trip locations- Pictured Rocks! Eight of our Wildwood campers and our Trip’s counselors were able to take in the gorgeous views and hiked around 25 miles total along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They cooked some great meals on the trail, learned more about ‘Leave No Trace’ camping philosophy and built more on their appreciation and love for trips and the outdoors. Stay tuned for next week for more trip adventures.

This weekend was full of exciting things- both the Sand and Pine team had the opportunity to put on a team show! The Pine team had the theme of ‘Space’ and featured two of our favorite Council Fire characters- Cool Cat and Wavy Worm. The Sand team had the theme of  ‘Stranger Things’-demagorgan included. The captains, supported by their team created the shows which both included full story lines, dances and some incredibly creative kicklines. We loved seeing the work they put into their shows.

Summer theme (K-quality) During Council Fire on the first night of 4 week session we recapped the theme qualities we covered during the 3 week session, Love, Purity and Tenderness as well as the women we learned about who clearly expressed those qualities in a unique way. We learned more about the importance of the K-quality, Sportsmanship and the oldest cabin put on a few skits to help demonstrate what that quality looks like in action. We are looking forward to learning more about Strength, Confidence and Spiritual Individuality in the weeks ahead as we continue to greater understand our unlimited potential and individuality through our theme, This is Me!

We are so ready for another awesome week here at the end of Port Oneida Road with the creative, bold, compassionate, dedicated and strong ladies of Kohahna.

Xo Northstar