Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2019

The first week of the second session has begun! We are so excited to have everyone here. After beginning the day with dips (much warmer than three weeks ago), campers had the opportunity to share their swimming skills in Bar Lake and set personal and cabin goals for the summer. The girls enjoyed their Morning Activities of Horseback Riding where many worked on two-point position over ground poles and the posting trot. In Ceramics we have seen coil pots and creative projects, and beautiful painted canvases in Arts and Crafts. Lots of precision shooting in Archery and Riflery, and some fearless wet exits in Kayaking on Lake Michigan.  On Cabin Day, many got to explore the towns in the area such as Leland and Glen Arbor, and others had an exciting time tubing on Glen Lake. Our evenings have been super active! They’ve consisted of competitive games like Bombardment and The Chicken Game, as well as putting our detective skills to the test during CLUE. It was a great week filled with fun, cabin bonding, achievement, and good old fashioned competition!

We have had some beautiful weather here on the bluffs and are looking forward to more fun and sunny days with these amazing campers!