Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2021

Can I get a holler for the start of second session?! We are so happy the four-weekers are here with all of their energy and excitement to be at Camp. We started the week strong with a beautiful sunny day, perfect for starting Morning Activities in the morning and taking the Swim Test in the afternoon. Then, we kicked off the summer with a very long, classic game of Sands vs. Pines Bombardment. The teams were so evenly matched that the game took about thirty minutes! Tuesday, the rain rolled in causing us to get creative with our Morning and Afternoon Activities. Some of these included puddle jumping and a creative writing/artistic expression coffee shop space. Luckily, the rain cleared in the late afternoon for our game of Clue in the evening. Characters like Rey (from the “Star Wars” franchise), Merida, Kim Possible, Tris (from the “Divergent” series), Tinkerbell, and Elsa and Anna showed up to help us figure out who stole our dessert through a series of rotation activity stations. Turned out Tinkerbell stole the dessert on a horse at the deck!

Hump Dayyyyyyyyyyyy! Wednesday brought lots of sunshine and fun as it was the first Cabin Day of the session, an afternoon where the cabins bond through various activities planned by their counselors. Some of these activities included biking down Port Oneida Road and stopping to paint, tie dying, and doing the zip line. In the evening we had our classic Wednesday Night Church service followed by a sweet hymn sing with our Leelanau brothers. It was the perfect way to send off the campers to bed and end a fun day.

Thursday was a special day because the CTs had the opportunity to lead Camp for the day (known as CT Day). They did Flag, led songs before meals, led Afternoon Activities, and planned Evening Activity (which was Big Base, a larger version of Kickball). Friday snuck up on us before we knew it and we wrapped up our first week of Morning and Afternoon Activities. In the evening the girls got to know their teams better through a game of Superlatives. Some of the categories the campers competed in included longest hair, most flexible, longest handstand hold, most pushups, best opera impression, and best dance move. It was certainly a silly and fascinating evening! To wrap up the week we had our big Clean Up Saturday morning, followed by a packed afternoon. The aunties of North Star took all of Kohahna to The Shallows to play Water Polo before everyone gathered with their cabins to prepare for Lip Sync for Evening Activity. Water Polo was a blast, but Lip Sync always takes the cake as being an overall favorite activity of campers and counselors alike. King Julian and Mort (from the movie “Madagascar”) hosted the show and characters from the Harry Potter movies, like Draco Malfoy, Hermionie, Hagrid, and Voldemort judged everyone’s performances. Overall, Saturday was a jam-packed, jolly day!

We are so excited the start of the second session was so smooth and fun. We’re grateful for all of the seven-weekers who stayed through Changeover and for all of the four-weekers who arrived on Sunday. We can’t wait to spend the next month with you all and look forward to all the good the rest of the summer brings. Let’s go, week five!

Much love,

North Star