Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2022

NEW CAMPERS HAVE ARRIVED! Everyone was overjoyed when cars started flooding into camp. Campers got to greet old friends and meet some pretty awesome new ones. Each bench at Council Fire was filled.
On Monday we started Morning Activities and did the Swim Test. It was a great day for it since it was nice and warm. We ended the day with a couple of rounds of Bombardment. Waukeena Sands did a great job, winning 2-0 and the Wildwood Pines won 2-1. But of course, the Sky Team won 2-0 against the campers. On Tuesday, we played the game Pumpkin Ball which is a baseball style game but with a dodgeball. In true Kohahna fashion the teams were themed country girls versus city girls and all the campers wore their best country and city outfits. At the end of the game, we held a Home Run Derby to see who could hit the dodgeball the farthest.
Cabin Day on Wednesday was a big hit this week! Every Wildwood cabin got to do our High Ropes Course. This is always a super unique and challenging activity that older girls love doing. It pushes everyone to challenge themselves and step outside of their comfort zone. The Waukeenas had picnics, did scavenger hunts, and a cookie bake-off! Of course, we ended the night with a wonderful Wednesday Night Church Service and Hymn Sing with our Leelanau brothers.
The whole camp spent the afternoon prepping for the Pine and Sand shows on Thursday. The campers were writing and learning different skits and learning their kicklines! That evening the campers had a blast playing 8-sticks. A game similar to Capture the Flag, but it is played with pool noodles to tag each other. The campers always love being silly and wacking each other with pool noodles.
Friday morning we woke up a few minutes early to hold our 9th annual Camp Leelanau and Kohahna 5k and Fun Run Event. All of the runners that participated did a wonderful job expressing Life and energy. The campers that didn’t run, got to cheer on their peers at cheering stations all dressed as different holidays. Everyone had a wonderful time and ended the event with a quick breakfast at the Lodge. Friday afternoon followed with more preparation for the team shows. That evening we finally got to see all of the camper’s hard work as both teams performed their shows! The Pine team put on a hilarious Scooby-Doo themed show and the Sands displayed a fantastic Monsters Inc. themed show.
On Saturday we started the day with a metaphysical about Womanhood and an intense clean up. After Rest Hour we went cherry picking! We went cherry picking at the Kabat’s orchard in Cedar. And of course, we ended the day with a classic first saturday of the session Evening Activity… LIP SYNC! We heard Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, Shania Twain, Bon Jovi, and so many more artists. The campers were creative in their choreography and excited to dance and sing.
This past Sunday we got to do a Lumberjack Event with the Leelanau Boys! We were psyched to try this new event and we learned so much about using different pioneer tools. Since it was such a toasty day we ended the activity with a dip in the lake. We then continued our typical Sunday with Cookout and Council Fire. This week was a perfect start to the second session, and we are so grateful everyone is here!

North Star