Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2008

Kohahna was bustling with activity this week as the intensity of second session started to kick in. The week started off with an exciting Council Fire where Challenge teams were announced and the theme of forgiveness was initiated. The women of Kohahna were reminded of the importance of forgiveness as an element of a gracious heart, and the C.T.s shared valuable insights into how forgiveness sets us free. With this newfound freedom, these young women were asked to evaluate their lives and see who they could forgive, from whom they need to ask forgiveness, and in what ways they should forgive themselves. It was with this tone that a very harmonious week began.

We had a full seven days of fun as the wide array of morning activities kept the girls excited and busy with their achievements. Many levels have been passed in all the activities, and it has been truly refreshing to see how eager the campers become and their pride in achievements. This week’s afternoons brought bike rides, Jazzercise, Rockwall climbing, rehearsals for the Drama production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and extra time to complete craft projects or pass activity levels. Our evening activities included a rousing game of water polo at the Glen Lake shallows on Monday evening, a chance for cabins to get to know one another better in the Newlywed game on Tuesday, Wednesday evening church, our cross between dune football and beach capture the flag called Paz-Dog on Thursday, and on Friday, a counselor fashion show in which our own Betty Rhoades was the winner. Wednesday’s cabin day was also exciting for the girls as they got to travel off camp! Little Dipper, Stardust, and Driftwood had a lovely picnic in Glen Arbor followed by playtime at the local park and then a wonderful swim at the picturesque North Bar Lake. Other cabins participated in fun scavenger hunts in Glen Arbor, and tubing on Glen Lake. The weekend brought its usual joys in addition to a musical performance by our old camp favorite André Villoch on Saturday afternoon and a fantastic County Fair on Sunday afternoon.

Another highlight of the week was the Challenge, the four-day, three-night competitive camping trip in which 24 Wildwood campers participated. The selected women made creative and successful homes for themselves in the woods as they lashed structures, cooked all their meals, and played capture the flag; all while being judged on efficiency, proficiency, timeliness, and meal preparation. The week brought meaningful team bonding, spiritual growth, and an opportunity to extend oneself out of one’s comfort zone. Both teams did incredible work, and contributed many team points to the respective summer totals, and the Pine team came out victorious in the end as the winner of the Challenge.

Both on camp and in the nearby woods, the women of Kohahna were achieving in a multitude of ways. The sun was bright, the waves were mighty, and the Sands, Pines, and Skys gracefully completed another week of camp.