Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2009

Week Five was a very adventurous week for Kohahna campers! Sunday afternoon we played Paz Dog (a mix of Capture the Flag and Flag Football) on our gorgeous beach before our usual evening of Cook-out and Council Fire.

At Council Fire we had a very silly challenge of seeing who could blow a bugle for the longest amount of time, heard about activities, and sang songs. Then, we moved into a more serious tone as judges for our annual competitive camping trip announced Challenge teams. The quality we discussed at the end of Council Fire was joyfulness. We shared with the girls that joyfulness is not a type of person, but a type of attitude. We looked at the example of Ann Frank. She was in a tough life situation but managed to stay internally joyful regardless of the outside circumstances. Moreover, because she felt joyful and hopeful, she was able to spread good cheer to those around her. We stressed that when we look at ourselves in the mirror we should be asking if we are thermometers or thermostats. A thermometer just evaluates the situation and changes because of its surroundings. A thermostat actually evaluates its situation and then works to change it for the better.

Monday morning we started with brand new activities! In Arts and Crafts girls were knitting. In Dance girls were learning dances that were popularized by film. One class learned a dance that is at the end of Slumdog Millionaire. The other class learned one originally done by Hannah Montana. Meanwhile, Challenge teams worked together to prepare for their trip with initiatives and packing galore. At night, camp came together to play Ultimate Frisbee. On Tuesday we had a Luau. Campers got split into three groups-boating, games on the beach, and s’mores. It was probably the only Luau they’ll ever attend that will get rained out! The girls frolicked for a while before running back up to get warm and cozy before bed.

Wednesday morning we said goodbye to all the girls on The Challenge. We wouldn’t see them again until Saturday, but we knew they would be out having fun building structures, cooking, and playing Capture the Flag in the woods! At camp all the high school girls still on camp (Shorewood through Windward) made a movie for Cabin Day. Falling Star baked cakes for dinner. Sandpiper did a photo shoot, and Stardust made some ceramics projects. As usual we enjoyed a testimony meeting and hymn sing after a long day of fun.

Thursday afternoon brought a lot of excitement to camp when a large chunk of girls got the opportunity to play parachute games with our director Sue! We also had Tennis, Riding, and Waterskiing go out. In the evening we had a Counselor Hunt-a game in which counselors hide and teams of girls try to find them all. The harder the counselor is to find-the more points she is worth! To close off the week we had a sunny Friday, which turned into a windy Friday night. It was perfect weather for the Pillowcase Game! Girls went to their cabins and put as much as they could in a pillowcase. Then they met back all together to cozy-up and see if they have items counselors ask for (ex: “Who has a purple toothbrush in their pillowcase?”). Afterwards they cleaned their trunks and then quietly celebrated Christmas in July with a story and bedtime treats.

Saturday inspection started off a little rainy, but the sun came around for the afternoon. Good thing, because we had a big Kohahna County Picnic! While girls who just returned from their hard trip were able to nap, the rest of camp participated in classic southern activities like watermelon spitting and line dancing. Then everyone (Challenge girls included) finally got together for a big fried chicken dinner at a nearby park. There were a lot of pigtails, flannel, and smiles all night. We came back to camp to get into pajamas and watch Peter Pan together. The girls then made their way quietly back to camp to dream of Neverland and fairies.